New Year’s Eve Recipes For Every Possible Plan


New Years Eve Recipes Header

The in between period. Christmas is over. The New Year is pending. It’s the bit where some poor sods have to go back to work and the other half of the population don’t really know what to do with themselves so they go out and get mullered every evening.

Why don’t you think about your liver & pancreas and do something constructive with your life instead? You could be planning food. The food you will be eating on New Year’s Eve. We have a large amount of recipes to hand for you to choose from. The easiest way to navigate yourself through this guide is to decide if you’re more of a Jamie, Barry, Mike or Ebbers on New Year’s Eve. This will aid you in your quest and help you narrow down the perfect grub for your grand plans.

Unless, of course, you’re eating out. Fair play to you. You probably don’t want to read ahead because it’ll be useless.

1. You’re A Mike

If you’re a Mike, you’re probably going to be hosting some pre-drinks and need some nibbly bits that you can knock up earlier in the day that’ll also line the stomachs of your pals. Bolognaise pasties, baked popcorn chicken and buffalo chicken wings (easy on the spice mate) are all good shouts. Or, if you can be bothered, a nice big lasagna is a little more hearty.

Boom. A few forkfuls and you’re ready to paint the town red.

New Years Strip 1

2. You’re A Jamie

For all you Jamies out there, there’s one word on the street and that’s MEAT. It’s likely that you’re getting the gang together round the table and making food and old man drinks the centrepiece of life.

Firstly, don’t do anything until you’ve knocked up an Old Fashioned and get out your slow cooker because ribs could be on the menu. If the year’s been kind to you, how about splashing out on some monster steaks? If not, you’ll be surprised at the wonders you can perform with a slightly more economical cut- this recipe is very sharey. Ideal!

New Years Strip 2

3. You’re A Barry

A Barry of the group hasn’t quite had enough of family members yet. A fun filled evening of even more Charades and Who’s In The Bag awaits. So of course, you need hearty comfort food. A steaming lemon and fennel  fish pie or pork and apple stew with solve any tense competitive sibling rivalries.

With these mellow vibes you’ll have time to wrap up the meal with this New York baked cheesecake or a classic lemon or chocolate tart.

New Years Strip 3

4. You’re An Ebbers

OK fancy pants. You Ebbers lot just can’t help showing off. The man himself has some recommendations if you’re looking to completely dazzle the people coming to your gourmet dinner party.

You can start with pate on toast or perhaps delicate smoked salmon crisp breads OR a cheese souffle. Bang on trend this year is the pork wellington. We’re not going to provide any other suggestions here because it’s THAT good. (Except from this Spanakopita if you have veggie mates.)

New Years Strip 4

To conquer, this is a dessert and a half. It’s rich, impressive and also allows you to get down to some cheffy technical skills. Hello caramelised white chocolate.

So are you a Mike, Jamie, Barry or Ben? What plan sounds the best? Join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. We obviously have heaps more recipes right here so if you’re feeling hungry, get stuck in.