In case you haven’t noticed… we’ve got a bit of a soft spot for ice cream… but there are so many artisanal producers in the area with so many creative flavours that I couldn’t resist trying yet another. (If you missed our other ice cream stops… take a look here and here)

I arranged to meet up with anybody who could make it to the NW 23rd street Salt and Straw location on Sunday afternoon for a waffle cone and a chat. It was a great decision… unlike previous ice cream parlours we’d been to, in this shop they were cooking and making the waffle cones pretty much to order right in front of us. The sweet vanilla smell of sugary waffle cones hit you the moment you walked in off of the street.


After lots of #LostandHungry suggestions from you guys I tasted a spoonful of the Strawberry and Balsamic Ice Cream, the Sea Salt and Caramel Ribbons and Honey and Lavender… all of which I’d have gleefully taken a full scoop of. But I opted for the Rhubarb Crumble with Toasted Anise… and what a great choice that was! Seasonal, fruity, sweet and with the buttery crunch of the crumble too.

image1 IMG_8357

Also, big thanks to all the guys for coming to say hi at the meet up too… was a gorgeous day for ice cream (and a cheeky Blue Star Doughnut straight afterwards) and it’s always a pleasure to get to chart with you and grab your recommendations for the area.

  • Brielle Tippman

    Sad I missed this. I am not far from Portland and I just went to Salt & Straw and Blue Star Donuts for the first time back in March. Rose City Riot is the ice cream flavor I got (so yummy) and the best Blue Star donut flavors were blueberry-bourbon-basil and passion fruit. I’m curious which donut flavors Ben tried; they have very interesting ones!

  • Laura De Santiago

    and Balsamic Ice Cream, the Sea Salt and Caramel Ribbons and Honey and Lavender… I wonder what Balsamic adds to the whole taste of it. The waffle cones are made in front of you…? Very nice!