After an awesome meet up just out of reach of the pouring rain in New Orleans, we were about to head over to district donuts. Being our naive selves we were expecting a short walk, but found out it was an hour away! Luckily we always have some great friends everywhere we visit.


A guy called John (that’s him talking to Ben in the photo above on the right!) came to the meet up and kindly offered to give us a ride. He even through in a brilliant driving tour of the city along with a bunch of foodie suggestions. He’d also tried out the donuts that we were on a mission to find, so of course we invited him to join in!


Yeah you read that right. We’re eating more donuts. What?! There are a lot of great donut stores in the U.S.! This one has a little twist though. Alongside the sweet stuff (which is great) they serve savoury sandwiches using sweet donuts as the bun. Crazy or awesome?


Awesome. We did it the wrong way around, so kicked off with a Ginger glazed, a pineapple glaze and a maple bacon glaze. Then we tried a Croque Madame savoury donut and it was a taste sensation! Like any croque madame it was pretty full of fat and salt with not a lot to cut through it, but that’s kind of the expectation… particularly when it comes in a donut. There were also a couple of slightly more well balanced on the menu if you’re looking for a fresher kick with your tasty tasty salty fatty goodness 😀

John also recommended most of the sliders on the menu, so we definitely didn’t go #LostandHungry! Yet another donut place ticked off the list!

Cheers John!



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  • Ashley So

    Donuts and ice cream – true tastes of America! 😉 Glad you guys are doing this tour since a lot of people think American food is only burgers and hot dogs or Chinese food is Kung Pao chicken and so on. Can’t wait until you guys come to New York!

  • Ali Song

    Hey, I was there! 😀 The meetup was so lovely. Everyone was so kind and we had nice chats. I’m glad y’all enjoyed the city. Come back and visit again okay?