The guys are on their way to VIRGINIA!! Only one more meal until they arrive, so I took it upon myself to grab a bite to eat at Lemaire… The gorgeous restaurant at the Jefferson Hotel. A recommendation by Katherine Buckman on YouTube.

I began with a cocktail… the hotel’s classic Negroni. Orson Welles was a smart guy… so I took his advice when he once said “The bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you. They balance each other”. Yup… we’re even getting #LostandHungry recommendations from Orson Welles 😀

Since I haven’t stopped eating for weeks I skipped an appetiser, despite how magical some of the options sounded, and moved straight to an entrĂ©e. (Get me with the Americanisms… Appetiser and entrĂ©e rather than starter & main course. I’m finally fitting in… Perhaps I should stay!?!)


Although the restaurant is known for it’s seafood (that’s what Katherine pointed out) I chose something off of the specials menu because with Chef Walter Bundy at the reigns I was promised a treat. He’s been executive chef here for over 14 years and has been a top James Beard Chef too. I haven’t had duck since being in the states, so some local Virginia duck breast from Free Union Farms sounded fantastic. It was served with confit duck leg pieces, grilled peach, broccoli spigarello leaves, red sorrel and white sweet potato purĂ©e.

The sauce was sweet, sour and glossy. The duck breast cut like soft butter and the peach was so fruity that I struggled to believe it was a real peach. I guess that’s what you get for cooking with seasonal produce grown from the neighbouring land!

If you’re in Richmond, make sure you pop in. The hotel has been an iconic landmark in the city for more than a century. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time… yet the food is brilliantly modern in the way it’s presented, but cooked so professionally and traditionally in its methods.

I hope the boys enjoyed their inflight meal… because you lot came up trumps for my dinner with an awesome suggestion again! Tomorrow #LostandHungry continues with the all four of us again! Full steam ahead!