Miami and South Florida… the next tour stop for #LostandHungry

Following a week in Chicago I have flown 3 hrs south (and east a little) to the state of Florida, more specifically, Miami. Having visited Miami once before for a 48hr layover, several years back, I knew what to expect of South Beach and Ocean Drive… but that’s about all!

When I was here before I felt like I ate well, but looking back, it was definitely the tourist hotspots that I fell for. This time I come much better prepared… with a bunch of your suggestions and tweets! Here for almost a week there will be plenty to explore, plus I’ve hired a car so plan to get out of the city to explore some foods (mainly tropical fruits at this time of the year) at their source.

And not just that, I’ll also start to test some of those recipe I wrote in Chicago last week. Always a challenge in a borrowed kitchen with borrowed equipment and an empty store cupboard… but I can’t hold off my urge to cook any longer!

If you have any further suggestions of foods I should be eating, specific dishes or restaurants or where I should head to find the best tropical fruits at this time of year then comment down below or send us a tweet using the hashtag #LostandHunfry.

Thanks in advance!