We Visit: Co-operative Academy, Leeds

It’s time for another stop on our journey to explore the #CookingGap.

This time we’re looking at the education system – what do people learn at school? What does the curriculum say people should learn at school? What do teachers think about food education? And what effect do they think food/nutrition has on a child’s performance at school? And most importantly, what do the pupils think about learning to cook?

To answer these questions and more we visited the Co-operative Academy in Leeds, whose head teacher some of you may recognise off a certain channel 4 program from a couple of years back, Educating Yorkshire.

In case you’ve missed them, we have two other great videos that document other research trips. In October we met Fiona who runs an incredible cookery school for children and more recently, we visited a number of schools (including our own secondary school) to find out how kids themselves perceive cooking as a valuable skill.