I couldn’t drive all the way to Key West JUST for a slice of pie, so made the most of the few hours there before driving back to Miami.

First up a non-food suggestion from @kdrapes on Twitter who recommended the ‘world’s smallest bar’… Old Customs House! It was very small. Enough room for about 8 people. Definitely the smallest in America, and the owner reckons now in the top 3 smallest worldwide.

smallest bar

The owner and barman (somewhere so small only needs one!) was Josh. A fantastic guy who took the piss out of everyone who walked in and, in the same breath, tried to convince them to move to Key West.

I only had a small beer but he was serving up some epic looking pineapple cocktails. Each one in a fresh pineapple with rum, coconut, orange, strawberry and banana all blended up. They looked beautifully Caribbean… I kind of wish I wasn’t driving!


Next up, another drink actually. The first of two suggestions from @ajpidgeon (Aiden) on Twitter. A tiny Bucci shot of hot, sweet and strong Cuban coffee from one of the best on the island… Cuban Coffee Queen.

key west hot spots

Then a food choice made by Aiden… a short walk away to Blue Heaven. They have an outside bar and some seating under large trees for shade, which was great until it started raining, so I was ushered inside. They cook up modern takes on traditional Floridian/Key West cuisine… lots of seafood and shellfish with Caribbean flavours. Having eaten so much today, I opted for just an appetiser of Caribbean Jerk Shrimp with fresh corn, a tomato salsa and little cornbread muffins. Just what I needed before topping off the day with some Cuban music and salsa in the street and a sunset from the pier.


Im actually writing this as the sun is going down behind Sunset Key on the last evening of my 27th year on the planet. What a way to spend it, what a day! I wouldn’t have bothered venturing out this far south if it wasn’t for the suggestions, so I have you to thank for that. Cheers!

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  • Awkpearl

    Happy Birthday, Ben!!

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    Happy Birthday! And I think you are going back home with a Cuban coffee addiction.

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    Happy Birthday Ben!

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    Happy Birthday Ben!

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    Happy Birthday Ben!