Have You Got The Right Sushi Etiquette?

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You’re eating sushi all wrong! Well maybe you’re not but anyhow we’re back to answer all of your questions.

Of course, you can eat sushi however you like, but this may help you to see the best ways to make the most out of it and interestingly, eat in the politest way according to Japanese culture.

How Is sushi supposed to be Served?

Sushi is supposed to be presented in bite sized pieces to avoid awkward situations where soy sauce dribbles down your chin and food hangs out of your mouth. Try and eat each piece in one chomp if you can.

Is there a certain order I should eat sushi in?

Last week we talked about the difference between sushi and sashimi. It’s a great idea to have some sashimi before you start on the sushi as it warms the palate.

When you move on to sushi, start by eating fish with a lighter lean flavour, such as white fish and then move onto fattier fish (like tuna).

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How do I best make use of chopsticks?

Chopsticks can be fiddly little buggers if you’re not used to handling them. Ask your waiter for advice if you’re visiting a restaurant and consider getting some if you’re making sushi at home.

It is considered rude to rub chopsticks together, so avoid this! At the end of your meal it’s polite to pair your chopsticks together on your plate (or on a chopsticks holder) to indicate that you have finished.

I can’t do it! Can I eat with my hands?

The rice in sushi can sometimes mean it’s very fiddly! You’ll be pleased to know that certain pieces like nigiri are acceptable to eat with your hands. Winning.

What’s the soy sauce for?

Soy sauce is a flavour enhancer, like salt and pepper. The idea is not to drown out the flavour of your sushi by submerging it and causing it to fall apart. Fill the soy dish halfway and don’t let the rice side touch the sauce.

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What’s the ginger For?

The ginger is there to freshen up your mouth and give you a new start for the next course of sushi. It’s technically not supposed to be mixed with sushi

What’s the wasabi for?

Wasabi is another flavour enhancer. In Japan, it is likely that wasabi will already be added to pieces of sushi if the Itamae (sushi chef) thinks it necessary. Small dabs of wasabi should be added on top of each piece if you personally would like more! Mixing wasabi with soy sauce is not ‘proper’.

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Where can I find sushi ingredients to make at home?

It’s easy to make sushi at home! Head to a nearby oriental supermarket for authentic ingredients. You can pick up starter kits with bamboo mats and rice paddles online.

Don’t forget to send in your snaps of the sushi you make at home! If you still have some questions about sushi then take a peek at our post which explains all about the different types of sushi.