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Infamous Eggnog. Forget mulled wine, eggnog is the holiday drink of choice in the US. For the rest of the world, everyone seems to have heard of it but actually, no one has any idea what the hell it is. Or how best to enjoy it. Or even where to buy it?!

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Well hello there! Get ready for some fun eggnog facts. Bet you didn’t know that eggnog is thought to come from medieval Britain originally, derived from a milky ale drink. ‘Nog’ was a British Ale and ‘noggin’ was the small cups that this drink was served in. In Elizabethan times it was a drink enjoyed by the posh lot…but then again no one knows for sure. Wouldn’t history be so much easier if we had a time machine…

What we do know is that it sailed across the Atlantic in the 1700s where the wonderful Americans couldn’t get enough of it. These days in the UK, eggnog isn’t too popular. It’s next in line after Justin Bieber for its comeback.

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We would describe the ole’ nog as a cup of custard. It’s made with dairy ingredients including skimmed milk, cream and egg yolks and is spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon.

We got some great advice from our pal Beth from Recipe For Adventure. Beth advised us that while eggnog can be made at home (check out our eggnog shake recipe) the best and fast way is right outta the carton, cold, sprinkled with some fresh nutmeg, with a cheeky added shot of bourbon. It’s also recommended to serve it up in really small glasses because it’s so rich. Then you can go back for more if you so wish.

Sounds good to me. Only small problem. We had to search far and wide for an authentic carton of eggnog in London. Everywhere had sold out the week before Christmas. Maybe it’s more popular than we thought…

Then, out of nowhere, one emerged. Hooray!

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The Verdict

There were mixed opinions in the studio. Mike loved it. Ben hated it. But we all agree that it’s a real Christmassy drink.

“Smooth, creamy, sweet.”

“I was sure it’s supposed to be served really hot.”

“It tastes like foam bananas.”

The consensus was that from a carton, eggnog tastes a little too artificial and that homemade might be better.

Where Can I Get Some?

If you’re set on purchasing a carton of eggnog and it’s not readily available in stores near you, your best guaranteed bet is online. Around the festive period, you may be able to buy cartons in supermarkets or international stores and food halls in major cities. Be aware that there will be a costly charge associated due to import taxes.

You really can get the same experience by cooking up on your own at home.

So give it a go! Let us know what you think about eggnog. If you’ve got a recipe, upload it to SORTEDfood on your profile. We need more eggnog in our lives so help us out.

Merry Christmas.