How To Be The Ultimate Foodie On A City Break

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So you’ve got a weekend away on a city break. You’re excited and probably have a countdown timer on your phone ticking down the days. A new place means new faces, things to see, things to do and most importantly, things to eat.

A long weekend abroad can run out quickly. You need to be prepared if you’re going to fit in all the best eaty gems you possibly can and really explore a culture through food. Take these tips from us at SORTEDfood! With our experiences from the Lost And Hungry Tour and our awesome community’s input- here’s what to do…

1. Get some guide books

Buy a couple of guide books well in advance and swot up big time. This way you can build up a great picture of the city before hand, get a general idea of the local cuisine & best restaurants AND it’ll help you get super excited for the trip. If one of your guides is super food orientated and one more general, you can pick the best bits of both.

2. Make the most of social media

Millions and millions of people are using Twitter and Instagram to share foodie knowledge and awesome photos. Have a browse and a stalk to scout out places and plates that appeal to you.

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3. Ask #lostandhungry!

Use the epic #lostandhungry hashtag on Twitter or Instagram to ask anyone in the SORTEDfood community who might have visited the same place. You’d be surprised how many people will reply telling you where to go and what to eat.

4. Write a mini bucket list

So you’ve done your research… well done super nerd. Ben would salute you. Make a list of the top must-dos you’ve come across… restaurants, dishes, snacks… jot them all down and then number in order of priority. Remember to choose a realistic amount for the time you’re there and put the classics at the top of the list. 

5. Sketch a rough itinerary

Have an idea of what areas you’re going to visit each day and work out where to fit each meal/ snack in. Going to a landmark? Are any of your food buckets lists around there? You don’t want to get to dinner time and realise you’re at the other end of the city to that restaurant you really wanted to visit…

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6. Go extra ordinary!

You’re on holiday so treat yourself to something a little different. Book a cooking class. Go for a tasting menu. Have dinner on a river cruise. Take in as much as you possibly can. There are no lows just YOLOs.

7. Locals rule number 1

YES! You’ve arrived! Dump your suitcase and head straight to the nearest local you can find. The hotel owner… a barista in a nearby cafe… and ask them exactly what their favourite foods and places are that represent their city.

8. Locals rule number 2

When going to a restaurant or market stand for food, take a look around. Are there local people eating there too? If yes, it’s more than likely decent grub but if it’s packed full of tourists you may want to head to somewhere a little more off the beaten track.

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9. Get recommendations EVERYWHERE

Get into the habit of asking people left right and centre- don’t be afraid because people are friendlier than you think! And not just where to go but what to eat when you get there. Food is a great way to make friends, find out about different cultures and also learn some history.

10. Be flexible

While it’s important to plan ahead and be organised, you want to be ready for any treats you come across that you didn’t plan for. Who knows where you could end up on recommendations- it worked for us on Lost And Hungry!

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Let us know if you’ve been on any spectacular city breaks recently. What did you eat? Where did you stay. Share the knowledge on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @sortedfood.