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So many of you are familiar with our videos and what we do but we just wanted to make double double sure you’re aware of all the stupidly AWESOME features that out slick and shiny website,, holds. It’s the main hub of everything that goes on.

We’re really on a mission to make SORTEDfood the place to be, so did you know…

1. There are over 10,000 recipes for you to choose from.

2. 800 of these are SORTEDfood’s own recipes, complete with a handy and comical video to make you the champ of the kitchen. 1

3. The other 9,200 are from YOU. Incredible recipes from users based all over the world. Who needs to travel if you can bring it to your kitchen?

4. You can make foodie friends and join the conversation with over 150,000 other users! 2

5. If you’ve got a question about a recipe, your voice will be heard… comment and we’ll answer.

6. Upload your own recipes to share with everyone.

7. Build out your own cookbook with your favourite recipes. 3

8. YOU can be featured in ‘Friday Faves’! Each week we choose our favourite recipes that are developed, written and uploaded by members of the community.

9. YOU can also get involved with ‘Shoutouts’. Every Sunday we make an awesome collage of Sorted recipes that are recreated by you and uploaded to Twitter or Instagram with #sortedfood.


10. Our playlists keep on top of the latest food trends and help you easily and quickly access multiple recipes in one place.

11. We release 8+ Articles every week. Posts can include anything! Food hacks, tips & tricks, our latest news and of course some totally random, weird and wacky ones.


12. Our feed function on each page help you explore the most recent and very best content so you never miss out.

13. You can find out more about the team behind Sorted with the About page. Short bios and links to our social media accounts.


14. You can shop for funky new kitchen stash and buy SORTEDfood branded merchandise!

Do you need any more reasons to get involved? I don’t think so! And if you are an avid SORTED user, then hopefully with these epic tips we’ll be seeing a lot more of your face around :). Sign up on the homepage.