Grilled: The Hairy Bikers

The Hairy Bikers

It’s time for another Grilled! Today we are chatting to Si and Dave, also known as the Hairy Bikers. We are talking foodie loves, hates and favourite memories…

Where did your love of cooking begin?

Dave – My love of cooking began with my Mother like many people. The smell of home baked bread, scones and pies, there was something better than the bought variety. Then I came to London as a student and boy the whole world opened my eyes, Chinese food, curries the lot – to be embraced and demolished.

Si – My love of cooking began in the family home. My whole family were and are great cooks. Food remains the major topic of conversation after family business. So being the youngest of three when I popped out, there was a well-established global cuisine (due in no small part to my Dads travels as a seaman). All I needed to do was dive in. I grew up in a close-knit pit village. So you can imagine the smells and ingredients coming out and into our kitchen was a cause for discussion in the village in the 60s and 70s.


How would you describe your cooking style?

Dave – My cooking style can be described as dedicated but with loads of love and fun.

Si – Instinctive. I love experimenting with ingredients and flavour.

What’s your best food memory?

Dave – Best food memory was the roast chicken that my wife cooked me last night for supper when I came home from work. It will be different tomorrow. On a big scale Sushi at the Tokyo fish market.

Si – The smell of yeasty cakes (otherwise known as stotties) from the oven filling the house with a smell only homemade bread can.


Most embarrassing food moment?

Dave – Most embarrassing food moment was when my spring rolls unravelled live on Saturday kitchen.

Si – AHHH!! The Irish Sea. An incident occurred on Dave’s catamaran in the Irish Sea. We’d made a soufflé in a charcoal oven (not one of our better ideas) and the sea turned a bit rough. So every time the hulls of the boat slammed into a wave it knocked the air out of the crab soufflés. They were like bloody beer mats when they’d cooked. Not good when being filmed for the telly.

What would your desert island dish be?

Dave – Desert Island dish would be Sushi….handy ugh, on a desert island…

Si – Fruits of the sea. I never ever get bored of seafood and its wonderful diversity.


Would you rather…

Eat breakfast or dinner for every meal?

Dave – Dinner for every meal all the way

Si – Dinner, there’s more choice!!!

Only cook with an oven or a stove?

Dave – I need my stove….. In Japan and China, they manage great with no ovens so can I.

Si – A stove every time.

Eat a cake covered in gravy or a stew covered in icing?

Dave – Stew in icing…I love a bit of sweet and savoury.

Si – A stew covered in icing. I can think of a bitter lemon and saffron icing that would go quite well with a robust venison stew.

Thanks so much to Si and Dave for their great chat and sharing their amazing foodie memories with us! You can check out their new show Chicken and Egg on BBC Two or catch up on iPlayer. 

(Full photo credit: BBC/Avone Keene)