Grilled: The Food Busker

Food Busker Grilled

John Quilter came to SORTEDfood HQ for the first ever live Grilled! We had a great morning full of chats, coffee and laughs. Find out what he’s up to  and what started his passion for food busking…

On today’s menu…

I’m John Quilter AKA The Food Busker. On my YouTube channel I cook food on the streets and instead of putting a price on it, I ask people to pay what they think it’s worth… food busking! I’m currently writing a book and have been travelling to some seriously cool places like Canada and UAE .

I have recently embarked on a new project as an entrepreneur and am currently crowdfunding for my organic coffee company, CRU Kafe… so plenty of exciting things are going on.

My love of cooking all started when…

I’m dyslexic and was always crap at school so becoming something like a doctor was out of the question. I toyed with being an actor but my Dad urged me to do something a little more stable so I became a kitchen porter in a restaurant. By the end of my time there I had become the sous chef, I found it natural to be in the kitchen!

My cooking style is…

My go to default cuisine is French, English and Italian food. They were at the backbone of what I learnt, but I’d really love to plug into Japanese in more detail.

JQ 1 Strip

My desert Island dish would be…

A sourdough bacon sandwich. Non toasted. With a cup of Puer, which is a roasted and fermented chinese tea.

My most embarrassing food moment was…

In the first restaurant I worked in I was known as Moses. I used to take off Sundays for ‘religious’ purposes but was actually using it to recover from the night before!

Another time, a chef asked my to heat up a baked potato. It was wrapped in tinfoil and I didn’t think. The whole microwave melted down. Needless to say… I got the sack.

My best ever food moment was…

Well, up there has got to be the time I ate testicles with the SORTEDfood lads.

Another was when I was shucking oysters for a customer in France. We got talking and turns out he was an ex CEO. He didn’t have a business card but there and then he agreed to invest in my business! Best Oyster shucking I ever did.


My top hack…

Feel good about making mistakes. Try new things and move away from being a ‘cookbook’ cook. Mitigate this though. If you’re having friends and you’re trying a new thing, be prepared for the timings. I had a friend who tried to make gnocchi and ended up serving the food 4 HOURS late…

My one and only gadget would have to be…

My knives. And my mini Blender.

JQ Strip 3

Would you rather…

Eat only your favourite food for the rest of your life OR never eat your favourite food again?

Never eat my favourite food. There is so much else out there.

Eat breakfast for every meal OR eat dinner for every meal?

Breakfast for every meal. Remember. Bacon sandwiches.

Only cook with an oven OR only cook on a stove?

*Insert very rude word* this is hard!!!! An oven. You can still do things.

Eat cake covered in gravy OR eat stew covered in icing?

You guys are really weird. What are you on? Stew with icing.

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