Recipe for Adventures Grilled

Look at those perfect macarons! Today we’re grilling Beth, from Recipe for Adventures. She’s just about to graduate from pastry school in London (which is why all the sweet stuff in this post looks so good!). She’s also an avid traveller, so you might be hearing a bit more about her adventures in more blog posts!

For now, find out a bit more about Beth below and check out her recipes on SORTEDfood

On today’s menu…

Hi! I’m Beth. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and after college moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in event planning. Seven years later, I quit my job and put all my stuff in storage to travel the world for a year with my best friend. 19 countries later, I came to London and fell in love with the city. I decided to pursue my passion for baking and attend culinary school at Westminster Kingsway College in London.

My blog, Recipe for Adventures, was initially started to document my round-the-world trip. In hindsight, the name was perfectly suited for the direction that followed. My experiences during pastry school were documented through a weekly pastry school diary. Now the focus has come full circle to blend travel and food together. I take an in-depth look at pastries, including recipes and the science behind baking, along with sweet stuff I find through travel and a behind-the-scenes look at working in various kitchens as a pastry chef.


My love of cooking all started when…

I was into gymnastics until I was 14, followed by competitive cheerleading, so I mostly ate what my mom fixed. The one exception was every Thanksgiving and Christmas, where my grandmother taught me how to make her cornbread dressing & giblet gravy and we cooked it every year together, always joking that if it didn’t turn out right it was the other person’s fault. It always turned out well. 😉

My love for cooking really took hold when I moved to Los Angeles and had my first apartment. Armed with a subscription to Southern Living and a pile of family recipes, I would make these elaborate meals just for me and photograph them. We’re talking 2005, so looking back some of the pictures are funny now.

My cooking style is…

It has to be Southern food. I was raised on it. It’s ‘feel good’ comfort food that makes people happy. For baking, I like to expand on the French classics as I develop my skills.

My Desert Island dish would be…

An incredibly hard decision, but I’d go with chocolate chip cookies. They just make me happy. One of my goals in life is to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie…it’s nearly there. (Another top life goal includes getting a turkey in bowling…I’m still trying.)


My favourite food blog…

More of a lifestyle and fashion blog, I have been following Cupcakes & Cashmere for years now and Emily has some great recipes and entertaining tips. I enjoy the recommendations and stories found on too. For recipe inspiration, I tend to visit the online sites of some favorite magazines, Southern Living and Bon Appetit. 

My most embarrassing food moment was…

This is a little embarrassing because it was for our patisserie diploma reception. I was in charge of desserts and was making a Mississippi Mud Fudge Pie. To streamline the process, I got everything ready to bake the day before, wrapped it in cling film and put it in the fridge until the next day when I would bake it. The recipe has melted butter, which hardened up in the fridge, and after it came out of the oven, it was awful. Like a brick. There was no time to make another and we were left with no dessert. A good lesson learned.

My best ever food moment was…

Probably my best would be cooking a full Thanksgiving meal for eleven by myself. The meal came together really well and despite seven grocery store trips, it felt relaxed and organized. Everyone enjoyed the meal!

My best friend and I ate fried scorpion in Thailand. Tastes like chicken… kidding! It tasted like crunchy soy sauce. Traveling around the world opened me up to so many different and delicious cuisines that I might not have been adventurous enough to try otherwise. So many delicious experiences – Laos stuffed bamboo shoots, Thai fried rice, Australian kangaroo, South African ostrich and the Colombian meal I could eat every day – patacones, arroz de coco and whole fried fish! I could go on for daaaays.


My top hack…

Enjoy it! Super cheesy but the best dishes are usually ones with a little bit of heart and soul. Embrace mistakes (I’m still working on this one!). Mistakes are some of the best ways to learn and perfect a craft. My grandmother once made six pound cakes in a row to figure out what wasn’t right with the recipe; and now it’s a family secret. 😉

My one and only gadget would have to be…

My stand mixer. I love it, and I hate that it’s currently in storage in Los Angeles!

Would you rather…

Only cook with an oven OR only cook on a stove

Oven! It would be annoying without a stove, but for baking, an oven is a bit more essential. I worked on an organic farm in Argentina and made an upside down peach cake baked on a stove. It was a challenge. 😉

Eat cake covered in gravy OR eat stew covered in icing

Eww. Ha! I’d have to say cake covered in gravy. I mean, in the South, we do biscuits and gravy, so cake and gravy can’t be thaaaaat far behind, right?