Grilled: Not So Magic… Mike!

Grilled Mike H

Welcome Mike Huttlestone. Co-founder and self titled Professional Bellend of SORTEDfood! This Grilled doesn’t really need an introduction. Mike can speak for himself….

On Today’s Menu…

Michael Brian Huttlestone

My Love Of Cooking All Started When…

Girls like cooks.   

Make sure you read that properly.

My Cooking Style Is…

Mainly fried chicken/peanut butter/ice cream based dishes. I have an advanced palette. In my defence though I do love Thai food.

Mike Strip 3

My Favourite Food Blog…

Fit Men Cook. Loads of amazing healthy recipes that I’ll definitely make when I decide not to be so fat.

My Desert Island Dish Would Be…

A Full English breakfast and a helicopter.

My Most Embarrassing Food Moment Was…

My most embarrassing/proud food moment was taking part in a Dumpling Eating contest in Times Square. I had been nominated to do it and I was pretty gutted. However I’m a tiny little bit really competitive so I absolutely went for it.

When I realised I’d won I was proud.

When I realised I’d taken it lot more seriously than the other contestants I was embarrassed.

My Best Food Moment…

See above

Mike Strip 1

My Top Hack…

Things that have transformed my food life …

1. Salt on avocados

2. Stir fry’s with coconut oil

3. Spiralisers

Pretty late to the party on these.

Luckily my Tamagotchi doesn’t eat real food.

Mike Strip 2

My One and Only Food Gadget Would Have To Be…

A Kenwood Mini Chopper #spon

Would You Rather…

Eat only your favourite food for the rest of your life OR never eat your favourite food again?

A full English breakfast? Forever? Is this a trick question?

Eat breakfast for every meal OR eat dinner for every meal?

See above

Only cook with an oven OR only cook with a stove?

You can’t fry bacon in an oven.

Eat cake covered in stew OR eat stew covered in icing?

Stew covered in icing. I have no reason.

SORTEDfood: Mike

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  • Annette Erdtsieck

    stew covered in icing.. just scrape that shit off
    Gravy would sort of soak into the cake.