Grilled: Nathan Wyburn, The Toast Art Dude!

Nathan W Grilled

Maybe you’ve seen Fridgecam this week, maybe you haven’t. In a nutshell we did some pretty creative painting with food thanks to superstar artist Nathan Wyburn. We thought we’d give him a bit of a Grilling to find out more about his colourful talent. He’s even got a book out so if you want to see more of his stuff, check it out. 

On Today’s Menu…

My names Nathan Wyburn, I’m a ‘Pop Culture’ portrait artist who specialises in using unorthodox materials including food! The success of my YouTube channel has led on to some national and global to appearances including reaching the semi final of Britain’s Got Talent, Lorraine and Sky Portait Artist Of The Year. I’ve also made a living from commissions from big names brands to use their products and make art for PR and advertisements. I’ve collaborated with SORTED by doing some fun mini tutorials with the boys on making Toast and Marmite art and played with some coffee painting too!

My Love Of Food All Started When…

The first food artwork I made was a portrait of Simon Cowell using Marmite on toast, having seen a headline saying ‘you either love him or hate him’. This had a brilliant reaction on my YouTube channel and so I began experimenting with other foods, relating comically or conceptually to other celebrities. To name a few of my favourites it would be Britney Spears with peanut butter and jelly, Keith Lemon with lemon flavoured things, Judy Garland using rainbow drops sweets, Alan Sugar using sugar, Alan Carr using cereal and Ruby Rose on pizza!

Nathan Strip 2


My Cooking Style Is…

I do a very mean traditional full English! But other than that I like quick simple dishes like stir fry. I’m not a big cooker as I spend too much time getting distracted and playing with it for art haha!

My Desert Island Dish Would Be…

Honestly this is a really tough one, I love chicken.. And oriental food! So maybe some kind of Chinese chicken dish…?

My Favourite Food Blog…

I don’t really know much about food itself! My work is very inspired by current affairs in the celebrity gossip world so my hold grail is something like OK magazine and breaking news sites.

Nathan Wyburn Strip 1

My Most Embarrassing Food Moment Was…

I’m really a wimp when it comes to spicy food. One time I was chatting away (my friend did warn us all of full chillies in the meal) and just ate what I thought was a red pepper not really paying full attention. It was of course a super hot chilly and my mouth was on fire for hours, I drank about 3 pints of milk!

I also had the thought of painting with my tongue whilst enjoying a Chinese with friends and we all had a go at licking the plate with sweet and sour sauce to make art. The next day I painted a portrait of Miley Cyrus using paint on the end of my tongue.

And I guess it’s not really embarrassing as it’s what I do for a living but I honestly can’t walk up and down a supermarket without thinking ‘oooo I can make art with that’, which ultimately leads me to eat basic foods and experiment with the elaborate ones.

My Best Food Moment Was…

Ok wow I have a few of these because all of my big career achievements have involved some kind of food art!

Maybe the time I spent 10 days inside a glass container painting with ketchup in the centre of Helsinki, Finland! That was intense..

Or maybe the time Sir Stephen Fry told me my portrait of him using eggs fried rice and vegetables was ‘absolutely amazing!’ – it’s always epic to get such a positive response from my subjects!

Nathan Wyburn Strip 2

My Top Hack…

Think outside the box, don’t limit yourself and just have fun.

My One and Only Gadget Would Have To Be…

For me, I guess it would have to be my toaster! Hahaha.

Would You Rather…

Eat Only Your Favourite Food For The Rest Of Your Life OR Never Eat Your Favourite Food Again?

Never eat my favourite food again. I get bored so easily.

Eat Breakfast For Every Meal OR Eat Dinner For Every Meal

Breakfast decently! Mmmm!

Only Cook With An Oven Or Only Cook With A Stove

For me it’s probably the oven, much easier!

Eat Cake Covered In Gravy OR Eat Stew Covered In Icing?

Cake covered in gravy 100%, I actually quite like the sound of it!

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