Grilled: Hannah!

Hannah's Grilled

Hello you lovely people! We’ve got an extra special Grilled for you today, because it’s all about the newest member of the SORTEDfood team: Hannah. She’s joining us to help find all the awesome foodie stuff going on in the world and put it all together into posts and articles for you guys.

We thought a Grilling would be a great way to introduce you to Hannah. We know you’re gonna get on really well! 😀

On today’s menu…

Hi all – I’m Hannah. Originally Hertfordshire based, but now an official Londoner (yay!), I’m coming on board as the newest member of the SORTEDfood team to produce and organise fab written stuff for you wonderful people out there – and I can’t wait. Other than cooking, I’m passionate about travelling, writing, running and above all else, laughing!


My love of cooking all started when…

It’s hard to say really. It’s probably down to my parents, they always made sure we sat down to a homemade meal every single day and took turns to cook. My brothers and I were always encouraged to experiment and try new foods. I’m also a quarter Greek Cypriot and much of the culture is based around socialising around great food.

My cooking style is…

I’m real fan what I call ‘comfort food’. Hearty stews, one pots, bubbling cheese dishes, tasty curries… the sort that warm the cockles of your heart and make you want to hug your bowl on a winter’s night. I find these kinds of dishes have the real wow factor without much effort. I usually follow a really basic recipe, then make the rest up as I go, adding bits and bobs and really focusing on the flavours.

I’ve recently started experimenting with the science of pastry and bread. I’m a total novice so would love to hone down these skills. Bake Off here I come….


My desert Island dish would be…

This is hard! Let’s say it’s a cold desert island. I’ll have a pork roast dinner. Specifically with unlimited apple sauce, crackling, cauliflower cheese (with a tsp. of mustard) and Yorkshire puds.

My favourite food blog…

I love Eat Like a Girl. It’s a simple food & travel blog with amazing spirit and passion. The recipes are really special and inspired by the people Niamh meets and places she goes.

My most embarrassing food moment was…

I gave my guests, at a dinner party, a nasty surprise when I added way, way too much cinnamon to my homemade banana fudge ice cream and all 9 of them started choking and gasping for water. Disaster.

My best ever food moment was…

I went travelling to a remote part of Indonesia and ended up in a tiny village called Keji. The community offered to teach the group I was with how to cook a traditional meal including Kolak, a banana based dessert, which used ingredients I had never even heard of. We each were sent off to separate houses to help a family prepare for a feast. That evening, the entire village got together to eat what we had made!

It was such a delicious and unique experience as we all sat cross-legged on the floor eating with our fingers out of banana leaves. No one spoke English, so our communication was lots of pointing and laughing. It really showed me that no matter where you’re from, food brings people together!


My top hack…

Always have a sturdy pair of oven gloves to hand and decent space to set hot dishes down. Oh the times dishes have clattered to the floor and I’ve suffered burnt knuckles in the flurry of a busy kitchen!

My one and only gadget would have to be…

A slow cooker. You can achieve endless things by chopping up some meat and veg and adding spices! As I write this I have a beef tagine sitting on a timer at home, ready for when I walk through the door. How great is that?

Would you rather…

Eat breakfast for every meal OR eat dinner for every meal?

I think I would opt for eating dinner for every meal. I feel I could cheat the system because I quite often have eggs with my dinner.

  • Emily Ray

    Welcome Hannah! Happy to see a new face in the mix; one can only handle so much lad. :)

  • Efrim van Barneveld

    Welcome Hannah! Nice having you @ the Sorted crew!

  • eatlikeagirl

    Thank you, Hannah! Lovely to read this and so glad you enjoy the blog :)