Grilled: Getting The Low Down On Abbie!

Grilled Abbie

Meet the newest member of the SORTEDfood team who started just yesterday! Abbie’s coming on board as a Social Media Assistant and we can’t wait for her to get cracking. It always helps if you know some fun facts about someone, so read on and get acquainted.

On today’s menu…

Hey, I’m Abbie, nice to meet you! I’m a food obsessed, alpaca loving, Gif hoarder. So it only makes sense for me to be getting involved in social media at SORTEDfood!

My love of cooking all started when…

My love of cooking started with my love of food. I come from a pretty big family and most of my childhood memories seem to revolve around amazing home cooked meals. Think 6 kids passing dishes across the table all trying to be the centre of attention. It was only when I had the opportunity to study catering I suddenly realised what great training all those years of peeling potatoes at home had been. Cooking went from something I had totally taken for granted, to real skills that I use every single day.

My cooking style is…

I always seem to go back to those comforting, wholesome meals I remember from home.

I love having a load of people over and cooking up a hearty risotto or spicy curry. For me it’s all about tasty meals that you can serve in a big dish in the middle of the table and everyone can just tuck in.

Bacon and Eggs Pictures

My desert Island dish would be…

Sushi. For. Days. I went through a phase last year of having Sushi for lunch every single day and I swear I’m still not bored of it. Also, on a side note, making your own is really easy and can be a super cheap packed lunch.

My favourite food blog…

I have a slight obsession with foodie accounts on Instagram. If you were to scroll through my feed right now it would be 90% food and then probably just puppies. Shout out to accounts like @symmetrybreakfast and @julieskitchen who constantly make me want to up my game. I also love collaboration feeds like @eggsgge. It’s a feed of eggs people, there is no downside here.

My most embarrassing food moment was…

Let’s just say if you’re making a chocolate torte for a New Years Eve dinner party, make sure your springform tin is securely closed before you take it to the fridge to set. A minor breakdown ensued.

My best ever food moment was…

Best food moment has to be at my favourite restaurant in the entire world, The Cliff in St. James, Barbados. The food is amazing; I would definitely go for their Seared Tuna and wasabi mash situation. What makes this place truly one of a kind is the view. You’re eating your meal sat out on the deck, perched on the cliff edge. Underneath your table are stingrays and sharks just chilling in the sea below you all lit up by torchlight. It’s truly spectacular. Also, it’s in Barbados; so frankly they were winning from the word go.

Breakfast and Lobster Pictures

My top hack…

Top tip from me is just to stay calm. A clear head is key, especially when you a trying to deal with the heat of the kitchen. What’s the worst that can happen? If it all goes wrong, you can always just start again! Take it slow and enjoy it. If you are relaxed and having fun things are far more likely to go your way.

My one and only gadget would have to be…

I’m not sure if it technically counts as a gadget but I have an absolute favourite heavy saucepan that I use for the majority of the meals I prepare. It’s just the perfect size and weight… I’m having a slight love affair with this pan and I’m not even sorry about it.

3 Breakfast Pictures

Would you rather…

Eat only your favourite food for the rest of your life OR never eat your favourite food again?

Never eat your favourite food again – A great excuse to try new food!

Eat breakfast for every meal OR eat dinner for every meal?

Anyone that has known me for more than 5 minutes will know my answer. 100%. Breakfast every time. One of my favourite meals is breakfast for dinner!

Only cook with an oven OR only cook on a stove?

Stove, no question about it.

Eat cake covered in gravy OR eat stew covered in icing?

Easy! Stew covered in icing. Seriously, I could do this allll day.