Summer Grilled

Happy Monday! Here’s the deal. We’re trying a new thing to brighten up your Monday mornings and give you a boatload of new places to go for your foodie inspiration. Some of you might recognise some of these bloggers from spotlight blogs we wrote on Tumblr, others are brand new friends we’ve made since then.

Instead of us writing about blogs, this time we’re inviting people to write a little bit about themselves and what they do. If you love the topics in this post then let us know, because we’d love to get more of what you guys love into the blog!

Summer focuses on healthy versions of sweet treats and some incredible looking sugar cookies on her blog, and her SORTEDfood profile. Read on!


Hi! I’m Summer. An Egyptian/Canadian gal in my mid-twenties roaming around baking cookies, writing and testing recipes for my blog, lifting heavy things and trying to find a moment to breathe in between! I also like to make people laugh and will do so by any means necessary. Oh and I love Hello Kitty. Don’t judge me.

Feeding My Addiction

Feeding My Addiction started as a whim after finishing up Grad School and realizing my mind was finally free to do other things. I have always written extensively for academic purposes – so it was a breath of fresh air to write about everything and anything else. Eventually I realized that shifting my focus to sharing my passion for healthy and conscientious food/recipes was really what felt most natural to me.

At first the name felt sort of random…but realistically I think we all feed our addictions in one way or another! Why not feed it with something just a little bit better for you?! That’s what I’m doing 😉

My love for food comes from…

I really don’t think I was born a foodie! I wish I had a story like that. Like ah  yes, when I was a wee little one I would bake all day with my nan….

But realistically, I was very sick for a long time. I spent much of being a young adult in hospitals and residential centers abroad. Sometimes it takes being unwell for a long time to make you realize how much of a gift it is to be healthy.

After being in and out of hospital several times I woke up one morning and decided there were things that I could control. I could take better care of myself in all the ways I knew how. I drove to the health food store and have been chasing ‘healthy’ ever since!

Feeling great and performing well inside and outside of the gym (and life!) really helps keep my passion alive. Food should make you feel even MORE amazing – not take away from that!

More than anything, though, sharing this with other people keeps me motivated and makes me want to continue to experiment with new recipes, flavours and ideas! So much to eat and cook – and so little TIME!


Style of cooking

I am a huge fan of Mediterranean food. If I could perfect any style of cooking – that would be it! My family is Middle Eastern so I do always find myself comforted by that flavour palette. There is something so inviting about the warm and fragrant scents of cardamom, turmeric, za’atar, sumac and other flavours that makes me smile deep down to my core!

That being said Moroccan food is SO GOOD! So anyone who wants to share their secrets with me…PLEASE DO! FEED ME! JUST ONCE OR TEN TIMES?!

Favourite Dish

I love to experiment. But for whatever reason I am such a horrible creature of habit with my meals. Most of the time I have been baking so much that I just don’t want to stand around in the kitchen for a second longer. If I am eating out then I am probably ordering the biggest salad in the world and eating 2 of them. Or Harissa Chicken. I will get that every time if that’s an option!

My favourite thing to make at home – when I do have the time for savoury cooking – is hands down my Mediterranean galette recipe. It’s got everything in the world I love: flaky pastry, pizza-like eating convenience and tons of exotic veggies. Sadly everyone else loves it too. Built in portion control, I guess!

Favourite Food blog

I love Julie just seems like so much FUN! She has tons of paleo approved recipes but also shares fashion and lifestyle posts as well.

She also shares a lot of her crossfit work outs and she KILLS IT! She’s just an all around bad-ass sharing all of her badassery (can I say ‘badass?!’)


Best & Worst Cooking experiences

My first attempt at making my own gluten free cake. WHAT A HORRID MESS! First of all it didn’t really rise. I coloured one batch green and one batch purple for Halloween cake pops.

What I ended up with were these giant flat purple and green discs. I thought maybe I could still make them into cake pops but when I tried to break them apart they WOULD. NOT. CRUMBLE! They were huge discs of what was extremely gummy playdough.

I cried so much that I had failed and I threw them both in the compost bin. I went away for the weekend shortly after and when I returned I realized the cakes had both fallen out of the compost and were sitting on my porch.

It was horrible. They literally came back to haunt me.

Eating experiences

I was recently in Mexico. Hurricane Carlos joined me so I didn’t get much sun but I did get a lot of food! The one Mexican restaurant on the resort offered grasshoppers as an add-on for the guacamole.

The very cute waiter asked if I wanted to add any to my guacamole to which, I of course, said EW GROSS NO!

He then politely dumped half the bowl of grasshoppers on my plate.

I panicked and quickly ate some. On tape. Thank goodness for the strawberry margarita I was drinking otherwise I may have cried! They were very weird, crunchy, salty little things.

Cooking advice

My biggest tip for bakers is READ THE RECIPE! Read it all the way through a few times before you start. So many times you will go to finish a recipe only to realize at the end you did something you weren’t supposed to.

Don’t judge yourself too harshly or take things too seriously and don’t be afraid to experiment. Maybe you’ll create something genius. OH and try everything you make, things you didn’t and everything in between. By trying different things you will gain a braver sense of what things go together, what things don’t – and make up really surprising combinations that will cause people to fall madly in love with you. Er, well, mostly?

Fave Kitchen gadgets / utensils

The best tools to have in the kitchen, are, in my mind, a kitchen scale, reliable baking pans and a great playlist.

Weighing ingredients is the most reliable method, good pans make the world of difference and if you can dance while you do it then it’s probably going to be more fun!

Quality over quantity for baking tools. And for music ;)!


Would you rather?

Only cook with an oven OR only cook on a stove?

I think I’d end up with the most unappealing cookies using only a stove. SO for that reason I would have to say OVEN! But you knew that, already, I am sure!