If there’s one way to get inspired by food it’s at a market! All the fresh produce is laid out and you’re surrounded by sights, smells, tastes and like minded people!

There are plenty of food markets back in the UK, and they can be really really good, so while we were shopping for a bit of lunch and dinner inspired by our time in L.A., we were also on the lookout for a few things that were a little bit different.

We found a couple of cool things that we hadn’t tried before:

These beauties are loquats, and Ben found some some Peruvian mint (huacatay, great with guinea pig):

then there were some more familiar things:


It was a relaxing way to finish up in L.A. and enjoy the sun before starting a 3 day roadtrip! Onward to San Francisco!

Are these fruits common where you live? What else should we be trying?

  • Heather

    I love loquats (aren’t they a pain in the butt to peel for such a tiny bit of fruit?)! I’ve never seen them at a farmers’ market though, and have only had them homegrown from my grandpa’s tree.

    • Julie

      My mom would put a pile of them on the kitchen table and have all his kids sit around and peel them for her. I think she did it just to keep us busy! I haven’t had them in years!