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  • Carolyn Wolfram

    This is amazing!!! I am so excited to see where you guys go and pick up great ideas for when I travel there!! I hope you guys come to Buffalo, NY to try some real wings from Duffs, Beef on Weck from Schwabl’s, sponge candy and some great beer! :) Also Will you guys be going to Vidcon or still on tour?

  • Emelíana Brynjúlfsdóttir

    You have to come to Iceland!!!!!! And you have to try Skyr með bláberjum (with blueberries) and Grjónagrautur með slátri and some Þorramatur haha 😀 <3 <3 <3 Love you guys you are the best!!! 😀

  • Lecia Johansen

    you have to come to Denmark. And you have to try some of the amazing food we have.
    I hope you guys will come and visit our small country

  • Nikkole D Vance Hernandez

    You have to come to Columbus Ohio! Sooooo Midwest, I know! But we have an amazing food scene and I would love love love to share some candied bacon and blueberry pancakes wth lemon curd syrup from my fave breakfast place with you!!!!! Please please please!!!!! It would be a dream come true!!!!

    • Ben Ebbrell

      That’s the 2nd suggestion for Ohio… yum!

  • Samantha Bosen

    Columbus, Ohio does have a great food scene, including craft beer and some of the best ice cream EVER at Jeni’s.

  • Agnes Kwong

    Hong Kong is definitely the place for you! Special local street food that you will not find anywhere else in the world and they evolve CONSTANTLY according to the trend.

  • Morgan a

    You should come to Atlanta Georgia!!!! That would make some dreams come true!!! Please please please please

  • Becca Kuzmick

    You guys should come to Philly and try cheese steaks from both Pat’s and Geno’s and decide which you like better #TeamPats

  • Grace Davidson ツ

    Would love if you came to Ottawa, Canada! It’s the capital! You could get poutine, beaver tails, go to the byward market, see parliament hill, boat on the canal, multiple awesome museums… endless things for you to do!

  • Michelle Burruel

    Come to Tucson, AZ! It’s close to LA, and we have delicious Sonoran Mexican food, and the glorious Sonoran dog!

  • Marcela

    You have to come to Guatemala here we have tons of delicious food like tamales, kaquik, rellenitos and so on … Hope youcome

  • Dorothy Nguyen

    I totally recommend trying bun bo hue at ngu binh restaurant for lunch in westminster, ca. It’s a Vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup. unfortunately, it’s not in LA but since you’ll be in the area, you might as well visit Little Saigon for some authentic vietnamese food. But if you have to stay in LA, I would recommend going to Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles. They have several locations in LA. Anyway, have fun And Happy eating!(:

  • jivashini

    Singapore has got to be on the list please! It’s THE FOOD PARADISE! Way too many good food here

  • Katie

    Definitely come to Sedona! There are lots of great restaurants here, but one of my favorites when you want a hearty lunch before going out to trek around is at Sedona Memories. Great sandwiches and good prices. If you do decide to come out here, it would be great to show you around or something. :)

  • Pranav Shahane

    Come to India! You can try the best chaat items in Mumbai, Biryani in Hyderabad, Chole-Bhatura in Delhi, Poha/Sabudana Khichadi/Misal-Pav in Pune and soooooooooo many different food items all over India. I am sure few weeks wont be enough for you guys to try all of it! Hoping to see you here! #LostandHungry

  • Wharton Chan

    I know Ben and Mike have been to Hong Kong, but I really want to see them have a go again at the Chinese Delicacies again! I promise, duck tongue will be the least of your worries…

  • sondus sammak

    You NEED to come to Melbourne, Australia
    some of the best coffee in the world

  • rosenrb

    So glad to hear that you all are headed to the States. Please visit DC! The food scene here is amazing, and has a little bit of everything for everyone.

    I have a list of places you all should visit! Starting with Mandu, they serve up the best Korean food in the city. I highly recommend the dduk bok gi and their soju bloody mary’s. Daikaya, serves up some of the best Sapporo style ramen in the States. The spicy miso ramen is where it’s at. They also have an Izakaya upstairs, and they do serve lunch there during the week. My favorite lunch items are the pork katsu kare and Okinawan G.I. taco bowl. I’m a military brat and lived in Japan for three years, so eating at Daikaya always brings back fond memories of my time in Japan!.

    Astro Doughnuts serves up inventive doughnuts and killer fried chicken. They are known for their Creme Brulee doughnut, which is my absolute favorite! Jamie, they have a maple bacon doughnut that certainly has you written all over it!! Next, Smoke and Barrel. They dish out the best BBQ and Southern comfort food in the city (and that’s saying something since I’m originally from the South). Their take on the Cuban sandwich is to die for, and their jalapeno cheddar grits are always on point! For another sweet treat you should visit Baked and Wired. Their cupcakes are so soft and flavorful! One of their best selling items is Hippie Crack, which is their take on granola. Last, but certainly not least, Bump and Grind. It is an excellent music themed cafe with amazing coffee and a wonderful relaxed atmosphere perfect for studying. It’s just outside of the District.

    If you’re looking for cocktails you should visit The Green Zone. It is a pop up bar that serves Middle Eastern themed cocktails. The menu changes a little bit each time, so be sure to check out their page on Facebook.

    DC is home to SO many food trucks! I keep track of all of them through Food Truck Fiesta. I have a whole host of favorites that you all should check out! Arepa Zone, is my favorite Venezuelan truck. Last year they won Best New Food Truck of the Year and Best Food Truck of the Year at the Curbside Cook-off Food Truck Awards! Get the Canosa arepa, it’s filled with shredded beef and queso fresco. Don’t forget about the tequenos! They are fried cheese sticks served with a delicious garlic dipping sauce.

    Saffron Food Lovers is the best Persian food truck on the road (and is also the best decorated truck). Their chicken kabob is amazing, it’s packed with flavor and served over a bed of saffron rice with a grilled tomato on the side! Pho Wheels serves up flavorful pho and inventive banh mi! Dangerously Delicious Pies is the only truck on the road serving savory pies! Their hot rod potato pie is filled with potatoes, cheese, and love! My favorite sweet pie is the the Baltimore Bomb, which is made with local Berger cookies that they melt down and swirl into a vanilla chess. I could go on and on about the food trucks.

    If you all end up here in DC please drop me a line! I would be more than happy to show you guys around our nation’s capital!

  • Mary Żywczok

    Come to Poland guys! We have incredible food here :) And If you come to Cracow I can cook for you myself

  • Justin Choe

    5007 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019

    It’s in L.A. and it’s the best coffee you’ll find~ For sure.

  • Priscilla Aguila

    Hodad’s Restaurant
    5010 Newport Ave.Ocean Beach CA 92107
    We go to a location with no idea of what to eat or where to go to eat it. ►San Diego, CA, USA!
    The boys complete ‘challenges’ in order to win treats. Who complete which challenges? You decide! ►Jamie and Berry race to be the first to finish a Chocolate Malt first!
    If the boys fail a challenge, you decide the punishment. ►If one loses or neither can finish, they plunge into the ocean that is down the street!

    Also! For the sweet tooth!

    Visit Donut Bar San Diego!
    631 B St, San Diego CA

    They make fresh specialty donuts everyday and win your heart every time. They change the menu everyday so that new donuts can make an appearance.They only are available until they sell out for the day so get them fast!! (I can also create challenges for The Donut Bar ^.^)

  • Amber van der Kuil

    You guys should also go to the Netherlands, of course! Amsterdams nice, but if you want reall good food… You go to the east of Holland; Enschede. Love your recipes. Love you guys! Have fun in Americaaaa.

  • Caroline

    Have you ever been to Luxembourg yet? It’s a teeny tiny country, with lots of tourist attractions and some very special dishes like “Judd mat Gaardebounen” or “Kachkéis” (personal favourite of mine, to eat with mustard on a slice of bread).
    Would be awesome to see my little country represented by you guys :)

  • David Dalton

    Go to Hennen’s in Tennessee U.S.A.!

  • Sophie Olivia Rose Day

    Come to kho samui in Thailand! I’m a British expat living there and there
    are so many wonderful foods and flavors to discover here! Xxxx -Sophie

  • mountaincoco

    Come to the mid-Atlantic for CRABCAKES!! Baltimore, to be exact, and Faidley Seafood in the Lexington Market. To. Die. For! Best crabcakes on the East Coast!!

  • pechorinshrug

    Hey guys–if you’re road tripping, if you want the country’s BEST hot dog, you can either head to Nathan’s at Coney Island, Brooklyn, or you can drive out to Yocco’s (The Hot Dog King) out in the Lehigh Valley in eastern PA, for a ‘Greek style’ dog. Since 1922, Yocco’s dogs are covered in minced onions, mustard, and a chili sauce (a light smear, not an overflowing monstrosity), and they’re super alongside two other very American items: a side of fried pierogies, and a tall birch beer. Nathan’s is great and iconic, but if you want a bite with less of a touristy vibe, check out Yocco’s:

  • Felicia D’Artagnan Båth

    Sweden. Meatballs, herring and hard bread with caviar and everything else. Love it!

  • Quincy Gill

    Hit Oregon for the breweries (beer, cider, kombucha, it’s all here!). Plenty of excellent food to sample in Portland and beyond. Everything from tofu factories to doughnut shops to real Thai. Nice scenery for your travels as well.

    Some stats for Oregon craft beers: (Most breweries per capita!!! All the options.)

  • battar

    Israel – Haifa – for the best houmous, shawarma, and falafel.

  • ♡ Tousled


  • Jo Li

    If ever you guys do decide to pop down round Asia, do drop by Singapore.
    And trust me, there are WAYYYY too many different food/Cuisine in Singapore for me to list out..
    Think of it as the ultimate melting pot of ALL the food you can think of. Having said that, do know that Singaporeans LIVE for their Food. 😉
    Have a blast touring!

  • Aisha Nguyen

    If you guys ever decide to come to Australia, specifically Sydney, apparently there’s a great ice cream place called N2, which makes Ice Cream (or was it gelato) using liquid nitrogen. I just thought Ben would appreciate the science aspect of it. Haven’t gone there yet, but if you do decide to go, I will shamelessly live vicariously through you.

  • Toni Ellis

    Just discovered the BEST BBQ north of Austin, TX. It’s a place called Hutchins in McKinney, TX and it is hands down the best!!! Top cut brisket is to die for. Come to Texas for BBQ you won’t forget.

  • Maria Camiña

    you must come to PERU!!!! best place EVER to find everything you can imagine to cook. there is a place in Lima,the capital, called El Hijo De Olaya where you can taste the greatest ceviche you would ever eat and a plate called Arroz Chaufa con Mariscos. i mean it when i say there is a before and after you try those dishes. so PLEASE come!! im a huge fan and thanks to you i found my passion for food.

    have fun in your trip!! hope to see you around :)

  • Ansley Stewart

    I am an American currently living in South Korea and I think you would love what they have to offer. A beautiful culture and landscape and really wonderful food. There are many wonderful small business type restaurantsthat have a wide array of options!

  • charlotte tibbetts

    If you go to Toronto you need to get Coffee and Doughnuts from Tim Hortons ,as standard and there are plenty all over the city.

  • Jess Lampron

    You have GOT to eat crab cakes in Baltimore, MD!

  • Dana Murdoch

    My 10-year-old daughter says (and she knows what she’s talking about) – come eat at the Blue Door Pub in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA (right next to Minneapolis)!! They have the BEST Blucys (stuffed burgers) EVER. And, don’t fear, the snow is all melted here and spring and summer are gorgeous in Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes!!

  • peyton hensley

    DeKalb, Tennessee White Possum Grill. Chicken strips with Mac&cheese.

  • Jennifer Perez

    go to eggslut at the grand central market in Los Angeles. They have great burgers but get there early or it’ll be a long wait.

  • Netty Rivera

    San Francisco! You’re going to be in LA anyway, why not just head up here and try all the food we have to offer 😀

  • Vicky

    Two suggestions: 1) You need to have deep dish pizza in Chicago. Rricobene’s has the best in my opinion, but there are a lot of options. 2) Find a good pork tenderloin in Indiana. It’s a staple. :-) Have fun!

  • J. All

    Come to Lancaster, Pennsylvania and eat Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish food, especially deserts like whoopie pies! Come for the whoopie pies!

  • Heather Von Kamp

    Four words: Salted Caramel Creme Brûlée. Breakwater – Greenville, SC

  • Kaori Keyser

    You’ve got to come to New Orleans! Red beans, gumbo, crawfish, etouffee, jambalaya, I could go on and on!

  • Lilly Wynalda

    Madcap Coffee in downtown Grand Rapids: Best coffee. period.

  • Guest

    Explore East Europe, guys! Visit Ukraine and try some dishes from our national cuisine, like borshch with pampushky, ‘vareniky’ with various stuffings and “salo”(¡it is a must¡)! You gonna like them, I promise;)

  • Jes

    Go to Father’s Office in Santa Monica and try their bone marrow and burgers!

  • Hannah Hinchman

    Try the Chocolate Conspiracy in Utah, with its very fine artisan confections as well as Caputos for more hand made candies, cheeses, and cured meats that’ll blow your freakin minds.

  • Karoline Heen

    Come to Norway please!! You have to try ‘Freia melkesjokolade’ (milkchocolate), it’s literally the best chocolate everrr

  • Cataluna

    Go the Melt in Cleveland, Ohio

  • Cynthia Denzler

    In cali, ya’ll must go to the Crow Bar & Kitchen on PHC in newport beach and for some beer go the Yard House in fashion Island….

  • Ianna Steven Christophell

    If you stop in Chicago, the only place you should go for Chicago-style deep-dish pizza is Lou Malnatti’s and have it with the butter crust
    Also, the breaded steak sandwich from Ricobene’s here in Chicago is a must. Ridiculously large but delicious sandwich

  • Viktoria Elizabeth Moore

    momos donuts in Sherman Texas

  • Cathy Chen

    You gotta come to Beijing for the classic roast duck, dim sum, and hot pot! (please)

  • Villonsmom

    The Chicken Fried Steak at Mel’s Country Cafe in Tomball (just north of Houston), Texas is the best on the planet! So tender it practically melts in your mouth. Do yourself a favor and order a large portion. It’s so enormous you’ll have leftovers for days. Don’t miss out on the catfish, either — fried to golden perfection and not the slightest bit greasy.

  • Bùi Hạ

    Please come Florence a.k.a Firenze Italy !!!! Try Trippa alla Fiorentina ( tripe with tomato sauces ), Lampredotto…and all Italian food from a Fiorentine’s local point of view <3 and here they have the best wine ever <3 . Love you guys so much * fan girl mode XD *

  • Alex Rader

    Go to Blue Jam Cafe in Melrose in Cali! Best grilled cheese (with feta, tomatoes and more, yum!) ever

  • Angie M

    Quite a few comment threads on your #lostandhungry video for each; should take the national airlines of all these amazing destinations whilst you’re at it! Korean Air has amazing bibimbap I’ve been told!

  • Sophia Ellinas

    Come to Wisconsin!! We’ve got the best CHEESE!

  • Laurel

    You should come up to ALASKA and try the smoked salmon and a reindeer sausage burrito!!

  • LuluInToledo

    Swing by Toledo, Ohio for a Tony Packo’s chili dog with everything. Damn tasty, and certainly Toledo’s most (only?) famous food (thanks to M.A.S.H and Jamie Farr).

  • Alicia

    You need to head Lafayette Coney Island is Detroit. Nothing compares to a Detroit style Coney!

  • Elizabeth Hope

    KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI! Some of the best American bbq and home of burnt ends, otherwise know as little pieces of heaven. Gates, Arthur Bryant’s and Oklahoma Joe’s (the original one, inside a gas station) are some local favorites. Plus there are some really good brew houses with local craft beers.

  • Lyngstud

    Try the kurobuta tonkatsu at the restaurant Maisen in Tokyo. Best meal of pork I have ever had. Simple dish with few components, but geniously cooked.

    Cheers, and have a nice trip, yeah?

  • Gillian Hollebone

    OTTAWA !!! come to the capital of Canada where you can get plenty of classic Canadian dishes like bevertails, or some of the best Montreal style bagels ever at kettlemans in the Glebe. Plus its sugar bush season so you would need to get some real fresh maple syrup

  • QQ

    Please please please come to Hong Kong again, aka the food PARADISE.
    People love food here. We even have a website for all the restaurants!

  • Monica

    Please come to Toronto! There’s so much variety, we are truly a melting pot :)

  • Ross Angella

    Whilst your in San Fran, go to pier 39 and try clam chowder in a sour dough roll bowl!

  • Simone

    TORONTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Downtown has the best food destinations in the area!!!!!!

  • angela easton

    You must come to Dallas TX. I have friends that can get you on reunion tower, aka the golfball

  • Sara

    There is a huge Afghan community in Fremont, CA near San Francisco so if you want to try some delicious authentic Afghan food, go to De Afghanan in Fremont.

  • estherisswag

    Come to Malaysia! Then head to thailand! vietnam! Cambodia! Philippines!

  • Stephanie

    Atlanta!! We’re a HUGE foodie town and are constantly opening new restaurants!

  • Jesica Fiske

    Come to tampa!!!!! Go to the Columbia the oldest restaurant in florida!!!! And go to skippers and get gator ribs!!!!!

  • Amanda Troyer

    Come to Holmes County, Ohio where you can enjoy Amish made delicious food!

  • Alicia S

    You guys need to come to Charleston, South Carolina– there’s so much food and culture here, I think you would all love it!

  • Eddie Hagler

    When you are in Oklahoma or Texas you should try Chicken fried steak and smoked Brisket/ribs. Try BBq beans and potato salad as well, (and cole slaw if you wish) drink Sweet ice tea (sorry gents… that is how we drink it here) You can have unsweet ice tea if you wish.

  • Caroline Logan

    Come see why VIRGINIA was the Food Region of 2014 according to esquire magazine!

  • Meghan O’Neill

    ST LOUIS, MO!!! Visit Seoul taco, Ted drewes!!

  • Arturo Munhoz

    Brazil anytime soon? the guys from Sorted Brazil went to see you guys over there, nothing fairer than you coming over next! TONS of different flavours, cuisines, cultures, colours, and lots, lots of love!
    hahahaha but seriously, Brazil is a great place to check out the food, since there is lots to be explored (and you already have your own personal guides)

  • Fatma Tounsi

    Lebanon!! You guys just have to try food from the Levant

  • Eddie Hagler

    On your way to Austin try some Indian Tacos… preferably from a roadside vendor.

  • Alexie Laplante-Bédard

    If stopping in Montreal, you need to stop at the Saint-houblon for Québec microbrewery beer and shredded duck poutine :)



  • Alison

    toulouse petit in seattle! everything is awesome especially the beignets. they come with a great chocolate/coffee dipping sauce and they’re the best piping hot!!

  • Chris Royal

    Come hang out in beautiful Highland county Virginia….There’s a guy back here that just released a 825 page cookbook – Beyond Riverside Drive – on Amazon. It’s amazing !!!

  • robynne asato

    come down to paradise and enjoy the Hawaiian Hospitality on Oahu, Hawaii. Local moco, teri burgers, malasadas, and so much more! Food is the heart here on Oahu

  • Michael Seeger

    Come to Minnesota!! Delicious juicy lucy burgers or hotdish! If you are feeling brave or lose a bet try Lutefisk :)

  • Sumika

    Come to Japan! and try REAL Japanese food!

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  • Bethany Wierenga

    If you happen to find yourselves in the central valley of California, you must stop by Tazzaria in downtown Visalia!!! They have incredible sandwiches, soups, and desserts :)

  • Izzy Springer

    Come to Washington DC on your way to NY! It’s America’s capital!

  • Logan Abraham

    I would come to Boulder, Co and stop at Beau Jo’s Pizza.