The Cooking Show The Internet Deserves & The One It Needs Right Now

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When we began 6.5 years ago, food on YouTube was non-existent except for a few stolen clips from tv cooking shows. There was no one to copy or pick up tips from – we had to build everything from scratch and ‘hack’ our way through… Building SORTEDfood and also inadvertently paving the way for the whole cooking genre on YouTube.

In 2012, old media and big money began pouring into YouTube… Celebrity chefs, production companies and VC-backed start-ups with deep pockets were catching on to the power of food on YouTube and to our surprise they came to us as ‘industry experts’.

We suddenly found ourselves being asked to consult on launching new YouTube channels and networks, and to create bespoke series’ of recipe videos. It took us a while to realise it but these ‘old school’ outfits were used to filming with crews of 10 people, capturing 1 or maybe 2 recipes in a day. In contrast, we were creating our content with a crew of 2 and capturing up to 8 recipes a day. We didn’t have the luxury of tv budgets and timings so had to make do with the people/equipment/timings we had and work it as hard as we could.

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Slightly naively, we divulged some of our learnings to these companies and have since watched them try to emulate our success by replicating some of our most popular formats and buying ‘reach’, or using click-bait style content to boost their advertising revenues resulting in hours of low-grade novelty food videos.

But for us, it’s always been about so much more than just simple cooking videos… It’s about building a movement and friendship of people around the world who want to interact around cooking in a completely new way. And that’s something that money can’t buy.

To prove that, we’re going to move the game on. We want to take things further than they’ve ever gone before.

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For all the thousands of food videos out there, it’s our belief that no one has built a cooking show specifically for the internet. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We started working on this a few months ago and our brief to ourselves is to create: “The best f*cking cooking show the internet has EVER f*cking seen.”

And that’s it. Do one thing. Do it as best as we can. Use our incredible team of 14 people to build on everything we’ve learnt over the last 6.5 years and propel us forward for the next 6.5… or 20… or 50 years – hopefully!

The show will take inspiration from some of your most favourite SORTEDfood videos and surprise you with features you didn’t even know your life was missing.

We’re calling it: The FridgeCam Show.

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It will launch every Sunday and every Wednesday at 4pm UK time, with the 1st episode of Season 1 launching on Sunday 16th October.

We’re incredibly happy with how it’s looking so far and we really can’t wait for you to see it. Like everything we’ve produced over the last 6.5 years, it will be your feedback that helps to shape the show and make it better.

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Our handles/usernames are always: sortedfood

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So this is it. A new chapter for SORTEDfood and our commitment to give you the best f*cking cooking show the internet has EVER f*cking seen.

The teasers have already begun, so check them out and we’ll see you on YouTube Sunday at 4pm!