Friday Faves- The Difference Between Squash & Pumpkins + More

New squash picture

Who’s got exciting plans for the weekend? We’re currently getting really into the autumn spirit as winter warmers and october squash feature more and more in the wider food community. Not to mention Halloween is fast approaching! Take a look at some of our Friday Faves findings from incredibly talented foodies.

1. Cheesy Olive Bread via Big Girls Small Kitchen

Earlier this week we celebrated all of your amazing bread recipes on SORTEDfood, so when we came across this recipe, we had to share it. It’s a dough stuffed with meaty green olives and cheese.

2. Chickpea Bolognese via Minimalist Baker

Our playlist yesterday was all about vegetarian dishes.  In this version of bolognese, not only is it meat free, but it doesn’t include pasta or cheese either. Let us know what you think.

3. Apple Pecan Naked Rustic Cake via Everyday Enchanting

This cake proves that you don’t need lashings of icing or buttercream to make it a Showstopper. It’s the perfect autumnal cake. What we love most about it is the authentic look. Its decorative imperfections totally make it.

4. What’s the difference between a squash and a pumpkin? via Food 52

This week we got in some really bizarre looking seasonal veg. Quite frankly, nobody had any idea what they were until Ben helped us out… squash or pumpkin? If you see any out and about on your travels, this article will help you. And look out next week for some fantastic recipes using up leftover pumpkin and beautiful squash in the run up to Halloween.

5. Hulled Barley Risotto by petragustavsson on SORTEDfood

In the spirit of unusual ingredients, here’s a shoutout to our favourite community recipe this week that looks incredibly inviting. If you can’t get hold of hulled barley, we reckon pearl will work just fine.

Until next week folks… and we hope you’ll be cooking alongside us for the BigNightIn this evening. We can’t wait to see you!