Friday Faves: Bucket List Recipes + more



1. Lavender Goat Cheese Cheesecakes via Two Red Bowls

Seriously, how can these look so good? There are hardly any ingredients in these, but you can tell just by looking at them that they’re going to be great, even down to specifying the goats cheese. It all starts with great ingredient!

2. Bucket List Recipes via Joy The Baker

We thought that this was an incredible title for an article. What are the recipes that you’d put on your own cooking bucket list? Puff pastry from scratch? Proper ramen? Let us know!


3. Steak and Eggs via The Crepes of Wrath

Steak and eggs are a classic meal, but have you ever seen them look like this? Incredible! Also, the steak is done sous-vide and it’s perfect! Have you ever tried cooking sous-vide? What do you think of it?

4. 7 top sourdough places in New York City via my daily sourdough bread

This one is for New Yorkers only! We’re not in New York City, but boy do we love sourdough bread. We couldn’t not share this just in case you’re ever in NYC!

5. Mixed Grains Bowl with Fig via Chockywoky on SORTEDfood

And finally, this recipe really stood out on SORTEDfood this week. It’s simple and we love the photo! It’s a great bit of breakfast inspiration for you!


Until next week… keep cooking!