8 Awesome Czech Food Traditions

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Prague is a majestic city in Czech Republic with a rich history, beautiful architecture and awesome Christmas markets around December time. There’s also one more vital piece of the puzzle… What’s the traditional cuisine? What is Czech food?

With some fantastic recommendations from the SORTEDfood community and the locals of the city, these are the foodie highlights to help you out if you’re ever visiting Prague or Czech Republic yourself…

1. Trdelník- Pastries

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Trdelník is a traditional pastry made by a sweet dough that’s wrapped around a stick, grilled and topped with a walnut, cinnamon and sugar mix. It’s crispy on the outside and deliciously doughy on the inside.

There are Trdelník bakeries and stalls all over the Old Town of Prague that show the pastries off as they’re made, so it’s not difficult or expensive to get your hungry hands on one. You can choose to have it spread with a jam or chocolate but I’d recommend to go plain as the flavour really carries itself.

2. Klobása- Sausage

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A spicy pork sausage infused with paprika. Klobásas are cooked on a flat grill and typically sold on market stalls and small shops on the streets.

The taste of the sausage is more like Spanish chorizo, rather than your traditional British sausage. It is juicy and has a distinct smoky flavour. Load it up with plenty of mustard!

3. Cesky Gulas- Goulash

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Cesky Gulas translates to Czech Goulash. Though goulash is typically a Hungarian dish, it is common for restaurants in Czech to serve this warming beef soup in a loaf of bread.

It’s slow cooked on a stove with surprisingly simple flavours. I would go as far to say that it’s a little bland- but ideal for warming you up in the minus temperatures.

4. Makový Koláček- Pastry Bite

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Known also as ‘Kolak’ this little one is a small pastry bite. It’s a small round brioche dough moulded to contain a small amount of filling, usually a bitter jam, as it’s traditionally not supposed to be sweet. They are then scattered with poppy seeds or desiccated coconut.

5. Traditional Christmas Carp

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The meal of choice at Christmas for Czechs is carp. An odd choice, it may seem, but it is a fantastic centrepiece to the table. Many Czechs will even raise the carp over the year themselves.

It is prepared in a unique way and served with a sweet sauce which contains gingerbread flavours. You can sample Carp in its traditional form or in a soup in many restaurants. If you’re a fish fan, give it a go.

6. Honey Wine

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Mulled wine is a given in Winter pretty much everywhere you go. In Czech however, they have a popular variation that is laced with honey. It’s overly sweet so you can only manage one or two. The authentic experience is outside at a Christmas market.

7. Cukrárnas- Cafe Experience

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Cukrárnas are found in every neighbourhood in Prague and other cities. They are a type of restaurant/ cafe which draws food inspiration from France and Italy. You can go for a good strong coffee and cake or indulge in incredible meat and cheese boards.

They are usually very stylish and cosy with an exceptional display of cakes, salads and dips on display. Sit back, relax and watch the world go by.

8. Houskový Knedlík- Dumplings

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Bread dumplings are a staple with most Czech meals. They are made with flour, eggs, milk, stale bread cubes and are boiled and sliced to produce fluffy white clouds.

Dumplings are ideal for soaking up the juices of meat, which is a heavy staple of Czechs cuisine. If you’re visiting at Christmas, make sure you get some red cabbage too as it goes together with the dumpling and meat to provide a real feast.

Have you ever been to Czech Republic? What do you think looks the nicest of the 8 foodie experiences above? Let us know via Twitter or Facebook.