Our Favourite Food Destinations Around The World

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Have you got the travel bug? What places are on your bucket list? What world foods are you desperate to try?

If you’re planning any vacations soon based on epic food we want to lend a helping hand. Some of us from team SORTEDfood have shared some of our favourite food destinations around the world where we’ve had the best nosh and the best time.

Don’t forget to let us know your favourite place. We’re busy planning our own trips for the year and would love to hear what you lot think too!


Vietnam Strip 1

I travelled Vietnam in late 2014 with Mike and a mate of ours from school. We only spent about 2 days in Hoi Ann before heading up north… literally JUST enough time to get a tailored suit! But, it was a very tranquil town and although fairly touristy, was very relaxed. Whilst there some awesome foodie things stood out.

I recommend all the street food stands! Not for full meals, but just a coconut bun here, or a soft shell crab fritter there, some sweet mung bean porridge or sesame banana fritters. Oh, and the iced vietnamese coffees were to die for.

I’d say it’s also worth heading to a Vietnamese cooking school. I visited one early on our last day and was given a guided tour of the market and some background to all the unusual ingredients. Then we returned and cooked ourselves a 3 course lunch. Check out the cooking school if you’re in town… It was called Quyen, which translates to ‘Rice Cooking Drum’. It was what inspired this recipe for Big Night In.


This was a tricky one so I thought I’d choose somewhere from our Lost & Hungry tour. For my love of meat it has to be Austin!

Austin Strip

If you’re going, there’s only two things you HAVE to try before leaving. That’s barbecue and food Trucks. Just barbecue and food trucks. I’ve said it twice because it’s that important you go to them and eat ALL the food. You can take a look at some of our videos to get the jist.


I stayed for 7 days, but could have happily stayed for 7 weeks and eaten something memorable every day. San Sebastian in the North of Spain is in the heart of the Basque region. The Basque is known for it’s proud and passionate people, and the food absolutely follows suit.

St Sebastian Strip

Pintxos (pronounced ‘Pinchos’) is the word on everyone’s lips here and you have to try it – tiny little plates served in tiny little bars, all clustered together down little alleyways in the old part of the city. There are literally hundreds of these haunts in a very concentrated area, and a night in this city is made of starting the evening around 6pm, and ducking into as many bars as you like, sampling one or two signature plates from each bar before moving on to the next.

A typical plate is no more than 2 or 3 mouthfuls;  in the more rustic bars, it could be a slice of fresh baguette topped with iberico ham and fresh anchovy, or opt for a modern bar and you could be sampling raw sea urchin or miniature kobe beef burgers. One of the most weird and wonderful things I tried in San Sebastian were Percebes (or Goose barnacles) – they grow in the sea much like oysters or winkles, but look like dinosaur fingers, and are highly prized in this region. If you can get over the gruesome appearance, they’re quite an enjoyable snack!


Norway Strop

I’m just as much about the location and experience as good food – they all need to go together! I also don’t like cities very much, so Henningsvær is quite remote. It’s a fishing village on the Lofton Islands that I went to whilst travelling around Norway.

Henningsvaer is an amazing place to find the freshest fish, a bit like the rest of Norway, so don’t leave without having some! Another gem was finding the cutest cafe I ever did see. The place had an unbelievable atmosphere and personality, not to mention the coffee and cakes which were perfect after an afternoon in the ocean on a rib.


I went to Copenhagen for a couple of days specifically to go to Noma (which isn’t there any more!) and it is still the most memorable meal of my life.

Copenhagen Strip

The place lived and breathed food and it was easy to get caught up in it during the meal and a tour of the place afterwards. To be honest that meal took up almost a whole day and I didn’t get to experience too much else while I was there but I’m desperate to go back and try some more of the food.

If you’re heading over there I would suggest trying out Manfreds. It’s simple food with not much done to it (which is a really good thing in this case) and the prices are pretty good too!


All of Malaysia sported unbelievable food but my most memorable experience was Malakka as it was my first stop in this beautiful country and the first real street market I went to.

Malaysia Strip

We spent every evening at the Jonker Walk market and tried something from every stall. Popiah, Laska, Celup, Durian… It was also the first place I had a bbq pork steamed bun- for breakfast. Mind blown.

The best thing about Malaysia is the blend of cultures and the food that inspires. Every city has areas of Indian, Chinese and Malay focus- there’s almost too much to choose from!  My other recommendations in Malaysia would be Kuala Lumpur and Penang for street food and the Cameroon Highlands for everything to do with tea! In every corner there is something delicious and interesting to try.

Have you been to any of these places? Where’s your favourite destination based on food? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook where we’ll be discussing it! If you’re off travelling soon don’t forget to ask the community where to go by using #lostandhungry.

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