We haven’t had many burgers since being in the U.S., so what better time to fix that than National Burger Day? 😀

Atlanta seems to be a seriously foodie city. As soon as we tweeted about dinner a load of suggestions came in for burger joints. We had to pick one, so we went for Flip Burger. Chef Richard Blais is involved and the suggestions sounded awesome!


The idea is that there are your regular burgers, then the ‘flip’ burgers, which are all slightly alternative. We went for a good mix, alongside the beef dripped fries and vodka onion rings, which were suggested by Twitter!


This is the face of a man who is enjoying his burger very much!


We went a little off piste with the burgers. Barry went for a classic beef with mushroom in it, but the rest of us went for lamb burger, ‘vedge’ burger and tuna tartare. That’s where the controversy starts! These were really good burgers, but is a tuna tartare in a lettuce leaf a burger? We asked on Twitter and got a mixed response!


So what do you reckon? I’ll tell you that it definitely tasted great, but was it a burger? Not sure on that one! Let us know what team you’re on in the comments!

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  • adrian mendoza

    Looks good

  • http://deliciousnotgorgeous.blogspot.com/ Heather

    um yes and no. there’s plenty of tuna burgers (there’s a really great ahi slider at gott’s roadside; they have a restaurant at the ferry building), but i’ve never seen one made from tartare. and there’s no bun, but then again in n out has protein burgers with lettuce and no bun. my mind is confused.

  • John Lustrea

    I couldn’t objectively say why it isn’t a burger, but it just doesn’t feel like one.

  • Laura De Santiago

    Lamb burgers are awesome!