Round 3… We weren’t sure we needed any more BBQ today, but were told that the 30-40 min drive out of the city to Salt Lick was definitely worth the trip. And it absolutely was…

Salt lick

A massive setup that can cater for up to 2000 people on their busiest days it was pretty impressive. The uniqueness at this place was their original barbecue pit. Stacks of brisket, beef and pork ribs, turkey and strings of the house sausage sat above the embers from a roaring wood fire. It was the most smoky beef rib we tasted today, but balanced with the shiny, sweet BBQ glaze it was very special.

We were told that the secret to that sauce was that there were no tomatoes in it. Tomatoes have a tendency to burn and go bitter, this was just sweet, sticky and smoky… and seriously moreish. Despite having eaten excessive amounts of cow… I wanted to keep going back for another bite!reel_saltlick1

The sausage was tender and nicely spiced and the turkey, which wouldn’t be my favourite choice, was juicy and smoky.

The Roberts family, who had moved from Mississippi in the late 1800’s slowly evolved their recipes to become more Texas in style… but they’ve still been cooking in that same limestone fire pit for almost 50 years and that’s where the secret to this tasty end to our trilogy lies.


We were offered desserts too… which the table next to us said were awesome. But we simply didn’t have any room… not even for a single forkful of pecan pie or Blackberry Cobbler! Instead we rolled ourselves back to the car to retire and allow our bodies to digest our brilliant first Texan BBQ experience.

  • Will Streety

    I am Glad you guys liked it!

  • Maria Wass

    COME TO RICHMOND, VIRGINIA!! We have amazing food!!