On day 2 of our drive from LA to SF we wanted to get on the road and up to Big Sur in time for lunch. So we set off after just a coffee… kind of forgetting about breakfast! (Well, with the exception of a sneaky banana because @LOVEWhispersUK said that we should be allowed fruit as a snack without permission! 5-a-day right?)

Luckily, we had a box of sweets that we’d not only been recommended… but actually bought for us.


Anh P. Mai, who came to our LA meet up at Venice pier, went one step beyond suggesting food to eat and actually grabbed us a box of her favourite sweets from Sugarfina in Beverly Hills. It’s a luxury, boutique candy store and trust us… the sweets were awesome. Champagne Gummy Bears, Robin’s Egg Caramels and Marzipan Lemon Cakes (which to be fair Jamie and Barry didn’t prefer… they’ve never been a fan of marzipan… so plenty more for me!)

So a massive thank you to Anh!!! It was definitely a far superior alternative to a bag of Jelly Babies or Wine Gums… which begs the question… what would be your favourite sweet for a long journey?

  • Anh Mai

    Well, I have been told that I’m an overachiever. ;D

    And you’re very welcome! Glad I could provide you with some sweets to nibble on while on the road. As for me, my road trips are not complete without a ton of snacks from Trader Joes. My favorites are chocolate covered potato chips, triple ginger snaps, and chocolate coconut covered almonds!

    Also, I think the owner of Sugarfina is considering opening a shop in London in the near future! I’m so happy that I was able to meet you and give you a box of their sweets! It was great talking to you guys for a bit and I hope we have an opportunity to see you all again! 😀

  • Avery

    Since im not a massive fan of nuts and seeds and all that jazz, I usually just take sweets. I don’t know why people don’t like them but I like my raisins or I guess in the UK call them. Anyways I like to take chocolate covered raisins with me and my friends usually give me funny looks like i’m crazy but they’re so good!