travelling to NYC


You can tell something is important and exciting when even Mike is ready and waiting at 7am :)

Yup… we’ve finally started the adventure, and headed to the U.S. to kick start the first leg of the tour!!

We gathered the whole team at Heathrow airport and then split… Some of the team headed directly to L.A. to get things setup for our arrival later in the week, whilst the four of us boarded a plane to New York City to prepare to launch #LostandHungry on The TODAY Show on Thursday.

YY3A2560Anyone who has been with us for a while knows that our greatest weakness when travelling is Mike… So we were massively surprised when we only lost him once! Unfortunately for us it was just as the plane was boarding, but he eventually turned up looking as calm and casual as ever.

Once boarded, Ben made his usual run to the toilet to get changed into a tracksuit – I’ve no idea where he thought he was going to run on the plane, but he insisted it was comfortable so after laughing at him for a few minutes we let him get on with it.

And so ensued 7.5 hours of questionable film choices on the in-flight entertainment, funny smells emitting from Barry’s seat, and lots of free food and drink!

We finally arrived to find that New York had been engulfed in rain, clouds and fog… The usual view of ever-growing skyscrapers as you make your way into the city by taxi masked by the over-bearing colour of grey.

DSC00109 DSC00113 We made our way to our apartment in Chelsea, dropped our bags and instantly went back out to explore the local area… A quick stroll through Chelsea Market to wave at the YouTube Space and take in the amazing food smells before settling on a quiet restaurant in the Meat Packing District for what felt like our third dinner of a very long day! Conversation skipped between how tired we were, what time it was back home and how much we were looking forward to getting everything started for the tour.

And then it was bed… Tuesday is all about prepping for The TODAY Show, finding a place for a potential meetup before we leave NYC, and making the final checks before heading to L.A. on Thursday afternoon!

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  • Mindy Kiryk

    You gents should come to Pittsburgh PA and have a Primanti’s sandwich!

    • Erin Kilgore

      Yes! Their food is so good :)

  • elisabethasbaek

    So sad that the snapchat videos won’t play on my computer. They just become a fuzzy mess with sound. Gah!

    • sortedfood

      We’re trying to find a better way to get those up on the blog! Stay tuned! (also follow us on Snapchat: sortedfood) 😀

  • Ian Darby

    Come to Cupertino and try little india cafe for lunch. Best buffet ever!

  • Rose

    If you can make it to a local dairy farm (Wisconsin is by far the best) you should try cheese curds. Fresh plain ones or deep fried or both. But you have to buy local, because they’re best the day they’re made.

  • Miri Park

    Ahhh you’re in Chelsea!? Will you guys be back in NYC after the launch of Lost & Hungry? Where can we find info about potential meetup in NYC? 😀

    • sortedfood

      Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Snapchat to stay up to date on everything (including meet ups)!

  • Pie luver

    Come to Denver!!!!!!!! We have great food here and I would love to meet you guys! You have to have someone tell you the American lingo. (Maybe another YouTuber?)

  • Kaitlyn Queen Morrill

    You guys have got to go to Sip and Bite in Baltimore MD!! Order anything off the menu, it’ll change your life!!

  • Jonathan Cao-Nguyen

    Hope Mike is going to be okay with all of these flights >.<

  • Kelly Ann Larkin

    Hope to see you guys in Savannah, Georgia! Come grab some southern comforts at Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room!

  • Elaina

    So Mike was lost…. but was he hungry? #lostandhungry

  • Andrea Ogaz

    What is their snapchat?

  • Esther

    The getting lost part of #LostandHungry isn’t going to work as well without Mike’s help so as far as I’m concerned, he’s more of an asset than a weakness.

  • Erica Dodge

    Try fresh sweet corn on the cob from Iowa! The number one producer of corn, pork and soybeans! Go great soil!

  • Erica Dodge

    Oh, also try Pie Shakes at Hamburg Inn in Iowa City, Iowa!