In Chicago there is a cupcake bakery called Sprinkles. They’ve been open 10 years, have sold in excess of 25 million red velvet cupcakes alone and are still going strong. Another of their claims to fame though… Is their Cupcake ATM. Yeah, you heard me right!

At first, I thought it was just a gimmick. But actually, it’s very clever.

  • It’s built into the wall outside the bakery and can dispense cupcakes to the paying public 24/7… when all their competition is closed.
  • It saves on the labour of several servers to manage a line, restock the counter and take payments.
  • Due to its automatic dispensing they can maximise on storage space… You wouldn’t want staff climbing ladders to reach cupcakes stacked 15ft up, but a robotic arm can.
  • The cupcakes are all stored at optimum temperatures and humidity, rather than on display behind a counter. So, arguably the product is better from the ATM than the store.
  • Plus, it works as it’s own marketing strategy… People want a go! They want to take photos, share across social media and tell their friends. I did, I fell for it! And so did you, you’re reading this! Ha!


The genius who came up with the idea deserves a medal… Because the ‘gamification’ of it hooks in children and adults alike. I really didn’t need a cupcake… But I wanted to try it out!

P.s. I bought a red velvet cupcake and it was delicious. A soft, moist sponge that tasted of vanilla with a hint of chocolate. It had a deep red colour, but didn’t taste disgustingly artificial like so many others do. It was yummy!

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  • Esther

    You’re absolutely right. I don’t like cupcakes but I would definitely still buy one and post it over all my social media

  • Clare Bailey

    We definitely need these in the UK for cupcake emergencies!


    We need this in the UK why don’t we have this

  • Heather

    Sprinkles actually originated in LA (but they have outposts everywhere). I’ve yet to have one of their ATM cupcakes, but I really like their black and white (from the normal storefront).

  • Daniel Chan

    I know your stay in Los Angeles was full of activity, but had you mentioned Sprinkles while you were here, we would have pointed you to the first Sprinkles ATM in Beverly Hills. In any case, glad you experienced one. It’s a great way to get a Sprinkles fix. Wish there were more of them.