Do you know what we don’t do enough of? Meeting up with other people who do a similar thing to us. We’ve done loads of collabs and constantly meet loads of different people, but last night was all about the food.

We had the pleasure of being invited to host a dinner with a group called the Food Bloggers of Los Angeles, taking part in something that usually happens once a month at various people’s houses. The bloggers basically get together, eat and chat about food… How cool is that?!

The twist tonight was that no food was cooked before people turned up. Everyone there was a food blogger ready and willing to get into the kitchen and help out before sitting down to the meal. It’s what social cooking is all about, which funnily enough is what SORTEDfood is all about!


Erika, who runs Not Ketchup was kind enough to make her home available for us to host the evening, which is crazy! Her house is absolutely amazing. She’s cooked for up to 200 people there and regularly hosts the L.A Food Bloggers, so she pretty much organised the hell out of us (which gave Ben a nice break 😀 ).

We also asked the guests to suggest their own recipes to cook at the evening (we’re not allowed to eat anything otherwise!). There were a lot of great options and they’re all uploaded to SORTEDfood so that you can check them out and recreate what we had!


Here’s what ended up on the menu –

The best thing about this whole evening was that everyone got involved. We all got into the kitchen and I’ve never seen so many people cooking at the same time and so many cameras pointed at food! Hopefully some of you followed along on Twitter too, everyone at the evening was tweeting and uploading photos. It’s well documented!

We also got loads more recommendations for places to eat in L.A.! There’s no way we’re going to have time to visit all of them during this trip, but hey… that’s what return visits are for! And now we’ve got plenty of friends to catch up with when we’re back :)

It turns out that social cooking isn’t just our thing. Loads of people do it… And so should you! It changes the whole experience and we think it’s the best way to introduce newcomers to cooking, as well as being a great way to make good friends. If you’ve got any friends who are #LostandHungry then be nice and host a dinner party 😀 Use this menu or go use SORTEDfood put together your own!

As well as checking out the bloggers above, make sure you check out everyone else who was there… They’re all fantastic and so passionate about food:

The Episodic Eater

South Bay Foodies

The Other Side of the Tortilla


Christina’s Cucina

What A Girl Eats

What the Doost

Tanaya’s Table

College Recipes


  • VtheCurious

    Wow, really sounds like an amazing evening with great people – love the idea – I’m going to check if we have something similar in Vienna! That would be so awsome!

  • Diane @ Vintage Zest

    It was so fun to connect with you all! Here’s my recap of the evening, and I wish you well on your journey!

    P.S. – It’s Diane from The Episodic Eater :)

  • John Lustrea

    That sounds like a truly wonderful (and delicious) evening! Whatever happened with the restaurant challenge in LA? Has that happened yet or is it still to come?

  • theduodishes

    Thanks for hosting such a fun event! It was a night full of good food, company and wine. :) Enjoy your travels. Looking forward to what’s next!