Cooking in 360


The first to cook in 360? 

Innovators, pioneers, trendsetters, mavericks, absolute legends!! These are all names we have NEVER been called and it’s about time we changed this. It’s only within the last few months we’ve seen 360 video being used properly on youtube with the likes of Louis Cole, RomanAtwood and Casey Neistat nailing the tech but nobody has done anything around cooking… until now!!


We have nothing to hide 

The catch with 360 is that there is literally no where to hide when shooting, this meant we had to get creative with the crew in shot. On the day we had our mates Matt and Rich down from to give us a hand with the tech, and if you look closely you can see Matt in the background recording the sound and Rich doubling up as Ben’s twin in the kitchen.

As for everything else in shot… what you see is what you get. We have nothing to hide, the studio and the team are all in shot going about their ‘normal’ activities! Watch the video again to see what Tom, Josh, Hannah and James get up to.


How we did it

In order for our battle to work we had to film in 360 and at 4k. As much as we’d like to take the glory for this, our mates at Rewind would really be hacked off if we didn’t give them some credit! 😉 They turned up with a 360 rig that had 6 GoPro’s attached and helped us set up the studio to get the best effect.

Once we were all set, it was time to push record and let the battle commence. And yes, it was done in a single take, making this the quickest video we have ever made!


Did it work?

This was our first attempt at doing 360 and our favourite thing about it was that every time you watch the video you get a brand new experience! The only thing we’d like to improve is how we show off the food because unfortunately you can’t see how bloody incredible our dishes were!! Perhaps next time, we should do this in 3D as well??!!

Let us know how your experience of 360 cooking was and what you think we should do next time?