Did you know that chicken and waffles is a big thing in Atlanta? We’d never heard that either but we have heard of chicken and waffles before. The last time we tried these we just weren’t sure. The combination works but we didn’t have the best experience!

So a chicken and waffle tour of Atlanta seemed like the perfect thing to decide once and for all whether this is for us! First stop was chicken and waffles at Gladys knight. It had the same feeling as roscoes… Hugely popular, big wait. We were nervous for what was to come!

We ordered just chicken and waffles. Syrup and hot sauce ready on the table and we were ready to eat! So how was it? Actually pretty good! The waffles was crisp on the top. This time we shredded the chicken onto the waffle (rhett and link told us to). Then we drizzled over the syrup and hot sauce to make it sweet, hot and savoury. It was definitely better than our last experience! It felt like proper unassuming food. You know what you’re going to get.
Next up on our breakfast, lunch and dinner tour was Bantam & Biddy. This was a little different. The waffles were deep and fluffy rather than thin and they had added cheese and bacon to the mix. They were a bit more savoury which was nice, although they also added apple sauce! Is that normal for chicken and waffles?
So far so good for our chicken and waffle tour of Atlanta. We might just be converted by the end of this! 😀
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  • John Lustrea

    This is in the suburbs of Chicago, so it may be a little out of your way, but you have to try DMK Burgers! Their burgers and fries are excellent. If you do go, don’t leave without having the parmesan truffle cream fires.

  • Alicia S

    You guys have to come to Charleston; it’s not that far out of your way, I think! There’s so much culture and good food here, you guys would love it!

  • Laura De Santiago

    Taking about applesauce… just minutes away from Saturn Cafe [Santa Cruz] is the Santa Cruz Diner. Every year or so I will meet a college mate for breakfast there. My pick is always potato pancakes with applesauce!!!