Our third stop for chicken and waffles was Oddbird, a pop-up restaurant inside West Egg Cafe, they just do chicken and do it well. These guys make chicken and waffles a little differently and have some really nice twists on flavours. Even their classic dish has Rosemary-infused maple syrup and a thyme butter, which makes everything a little more savoury… a good thing in our book!


A more unusual dish was the asian-inspired chicken and waffles with a peanut sauce and fresh slaw. It was without a doubt the best looking chicken and waffles we tried. Just look at that (below right)! It tasted pretty good too, although I can imagine the die-hard chicken and waffle fans would rather stick to the traditional (or the seriously hot ‘n’ spicy one… that was a good burn)!


We even got into the kitchen to see exactly how it’s done at Oddbird. The chicken is stored for a while in the flour, which helps it stay moist during cooking. The chef also stressed how important a hot waffle iron is. It’s so true… a light crispy waffle makes all the difference.

And then on to our last destination… But first, a history lesson…

Back in the day when chicken and waffles didn’t exist (gasp!), a couple of drunk guys in Harlem wanted dinner and breakfast at the same time. That’s how chicken and waffles became a thing. Why are we telling you this now? Because we got up at 5AM (FIVE IN THE MORNING) to be at “10th and Piedmont” (the actual name of the restaurant as well as the address!!) for 6am to try their very different take on the dish.

Does chicken and waffles work for breakfast? Sure!

Oh, and did we have a special guest with us? Sure! Al Roker came down from the TODAY Show to check out the food with us!!


Given the early time of the day, Gilbert (the owner) was on hand with fresh coffee and the kitchen was so organised that we just walked right in to get a demo of their unusual take on chicken and waffles. What these guys do is bring everything together in one bite. The chicken goes onto a stick and is wrapped in smoked bacon (liking this already). It’s then baked and left to cool enough for the waffle batter to stick. Next… deep frying. The whole thing is deep fried. Yes. It’s chicken and bacon surrounded by deep fried waffle batter, making it look just like a corn dog… Amazing!


So how does it compare to the traditional chicken and waffles? Well it’s pretty different, but we loved that you get a bit of everything in each mouthful. It’s also really easy to share, which is what 10th & Piedmont are all about… A bit like us actually! :)

We’ve gotta give a massive thanks to both West Egg Cafe and 10th & Piedmont for making us feel so welcome. We couldn’t have asked for nicer people or better chicken and waffles!