At the end of a long day of driving and eating, all we wanted to do was complete the hour trip from Leesburg, VA to Washington D.C. and get some sleep ahead of another early start and big day of travelling on Thursday… But there was one more stop to do.

As we walked up to Mom’s Apple Pie shop in Leesburg our attitude completely switched… Covering the massive window was a sign that said #LOSTANDHUNGRY!!

When we walked in we were greeted with perhaps the biggest smiles we had seen so far on the trip, plus an apple pie which had “#LostandHungry No More” written in pastry letters on top of it. That’s when we knew we were really in for a treat!!

The pies originate back to 1981 when Avis, the owner, started making pies with a friend to get a bit of extra money… The pies were incredibly popular from the off, and still are. Avis now has 2 stores in Virginia and her daughter has also just opened a pie shop in New York’s East Village to give New Yorkers a taste of good ol’ fashioned pies!! Her son Jordan works in the stores in Virginia too, so it’s a real family business!

With a farming background, Avis knows the importance of using top quality ingredients – so everything is sourced locally, including the fruit which comes from her own farm! By using such good ingredients, they don’t have to add much to them at all in the way of other flavours or spices… Which means they can remain very simple and not overly sweetened.

Jordan took us out the back into the bakery and it was time to get our hands dirty… We were going to learn how to become pie making machines!! We each donned a sexy hair net and rubbed some flour on to our hands, clapping them together like boxers before a fight.

First up was a classic open-topped blueberry pie. We took a classic pie base, covered it in a cream cheese / fruit jelly glaze combo, before piling blueberries sky high and then finishing off with a generous pouring of fruit jelly glaze over the top… Absolutely amazing!

Next up were the encased pies. We were each given responsibility over our own pies, and the first job was to catch the pastry as it came off the roller machine… As expected, Barry failed miserably, but the rest of us coped somehow. We then each chose a filling for our pies, examples included blueberries, cherries, rhubarb and strawberries, and the classic apple.

The next decision was whether to top the pies off with a crumble mix or another sheet of pastry. We decided to split down the middle with me and Ben going for crumble, Barry and Mike headed for pastry.

We were all (relatively) happy with our finished pies, but they would take about an hour to cook, so we headed next door into their new Frozen Yogurt store to sample some pre-baked pies topped off with some frozen yogurt.

So how did they taste? Well, the use of the fresh fruit, savoury pie crust and gorgeous frozen yogurt created a slice of pie that you could eat forever! Sweet enough to get you salivating, but savoury enough to not make it not in the slightest bit sickly. This kind of pie is right up my street!

So can you beat Mom’s Apple Pie? Well I bet everyone will know someone in their family who makes the best pie in the world, I mean my Nan makes a mean apple pie and I’m not sure you can beat that… But if that’s not available for any reason, then Mom’s Apple Pie in Virginia will certainly fill the void!!

  • Christin N. W.

    I live on the other side of the world so I can’t try Mom’s Apple Pie, I grew up without grandparents and no one in my family has ever made an apple pie (even me), the only restaurant ( that sells apple pie I like went out of business years ago and the remaining branches are all in Hong Kong. That’s just sad… Lol!

  • Lindsey

    So glad you guys went there!

  • Mark Smith

    Leesburg?! Unreal!