We had been told by quite a few people that when in S.F. we must try a burrito. More specifically, we Mission style burrito. With that in the back of our mind how could we say no when Chris, the deputy editor of Mashable, invited us to come with him to try the original Mission style burrito at Taqueria la Cumbre.
The only catch was the that entire thing would be live streamed on both Periscope and Meerket to Mashable’s audience, and of course they would be having a lot of say in what we ate. Lucky we invited some of you guys to hang out and give us some moral support :)
We’re learning not to judge a book by it’s cover on this trip, and this place isn’t the prettiest of restaurants, but it does stand out and make a big thing about it being the birthplace of the mission style burrito. What is ‘mission style’…? We asked Chris and all he said was “it’s big”. A lot of food. We were OK with that.
Chris turned up with his epic rig for filming two live streams at once and we dove in to order what are chosen for us. These things were huge, filled with beans, rice, meat and sauces. Naturally the live stream crowd chose hot sauce for all of us, which turned out not to be too hot at all. Overall though, these were good burritos!
We also got to try some incredible chocolatey drinks thanks to the streaming audience. Dandelion chocolate is a shop attached to a small batch factory. You can see everything being made as well as sampling the ridiculously good chocolate 😀 Go check it out!
Should we be doing more live streaming stuff? Let us know!