Best Moments On SORTEDfood This November

Barry less amused

Christmas is around the corner, and we have some exciting new developments under way for you to enjoy. But looking back at the last month… here are our best moments on SORTEDfood. It’s been packed full of chocolate, nachos and good times all round. What have been your favourite recipes?

1. We made unbelievably melty brownies on Big Night In and went into a food coma.

WhXhMGo - Imgur
Get the recipe for Swedish chocolate brownie now.

2. Ben covered Barry in tomato sauce. (Barry beat Ben up off camera.)

CBg83g4 - Imgur
Get the recipe for spaghetti and meatballs now.

3. Mike danced to victory when he won the hot dog battle. 

NUrf39T - Imgur
Grab the hot dog recipes: Mike’s. Barry’s. Jamie’s.

4. Barry did something WEIRD with his eyebrows and life got worse when Mike stroked his face.

ktX3dJT - Imgur
Watch the video now.

5. An alien ingredient took over the kitchen and many jokes were had.

nP1j4Zw - Imgur
Get the recipe for naked citrus cake right now.

6. Jamie made a fool out of himself when peeling hard boiled eggs.

RynWwaf - Imgur.gif.crdownload
Get the recipe for pork ramen now.

7. Mike ate way, way too much of the world’s most epic chocolate cake.

CfHrqwi - Imgur
Get the recipe for epic chocolate cake now.

8. James called in from his holiday in Australia to give us comment of the week.

2G5zHjr - Imgur
Watch the video now.

9. We had an incredible french fry food battle and filmed it in 3D.

Watch the video here and get the recipes for Mike, Barry and Jamie’s fries.

And the winner…….

10. Barry, Jamie and Mike found out they had to paint Ben’s face on toast with Marmite.

1KRpIQZ - Imgur
Watch the video here.