The Best Summer Bakes To Achieve In The Hot Weather


I don’t know about everyone else, but it has been VERY hot recently. I have struggled slightly with actually baking anything as it’s too hot in my kitchen! SO instead of baking, I thought I’d jot down some ideas for Summer desserts for you guys instead.

First up, a classic

Obviously, ice cream. I know you can easily buy ice cream from the shop, or have it already in your freezer… but my family always seem to eat it before I get to it, so I make my own…

When its 30C+ outside and my kitchen is even hotter, I don’t want to have to mess about making the custard base for ice cream and then having to churn it in my ice cream machine for a while… I just want to whip up an easy, delicious, and super quick no-churn ice cream that’ll satisfy anyone.

After posting nine different no-churn recipes on my blog, I can confirm that they are genuinely easy and delicious.


No-Bake Desserts

If you’re looking for a genuine dessert, with showstopping qualities, then I’d always say something fruity (a given really as it’s summer), or something no-bake.

I can’t be dealing with having to bake a cake in the oven right now, or be in the kitchen for any serious length of time. So, whipping together an easy fruit tart with a mascarpone cream filling with a no-bake base is seriously good. I’ve made it twice this week to use up all the fresh fruit I have and so my family and I can have something delicious.

I have many different no-bake desserts, and as long as you keep the dessert in the fridge, the heat won’t matter. Make it quick; shove it in the fridge, done.

If you do want to bake, I recommend early morning or late evening; because I think I’d faint if I tried any earlier! Unless you have AirCon in your kitchen, then I am JEALOUS.

Trying a no-bake traybake would be easy, like a rocky road for example. Or maybe a quick condensed milk fudge! Anything that doesn’t involve the oven is perfect.

If you wanted to take a dessert on a picnic, I recommend many cool blocks as anything will melt. My friend tried to bring a chocolate cake on a picnic the other day. It left the house after being in the fridge for a bit, by the time we went to eat it… it was a mush. Way. Too. Hot.


Your Fridge if Your Friend

I won’t lie, I have contemplated trying to climb into my fridge when it’s hot… but I 100% would not fit. So, if I’m baking, I try and cater the bakes to be able to be refrigerated.

Certain things can’t be refrigerated for a large percentage of time, such as cake! Your cake will dry out considerably if it’s kept in the fridge, but that depends on the type.

If I bake my carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, that tends to survive in the fridge, as the sponge is just so moist and delicious, but a Madeira cake? That would be dry as anything.

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

So, if you are having a party, or you just fancy something delicious, there are so many amazing desserts to suit the weather.

If you can stomach the idea of being in the kitchen for just a tiny little bit, then you can do so much… Have you thought about the following? Trifles, Posset’s, Eton Mess, Pavlova’s, Fruit Fool’s, Afternoon Tea, Cheesecakes, Tarts and so on.

Trying to limit the baking to the morning or evenings, leaving the dessert or treat ready to be eaten in the heat is ideal. Have something simple like freshly baked scones which take barely any time, with some clotted cream and fresh strawberries…


But seriously… I know I am not the only person who has struggled with baking in this hot weather, and I don’t envy those who have been working in kitchens this whole time, but if you want a delicious homemade dessert or bake for the hot weather, then it really is achievable without too much stress.

Jane is from the South Coast of the UK and runs baking blog and desserts website Jane’s Patisserie. Be sure to check it out for more great tips, recipes like the ones featured and Instagram for the most amazing baking pictures you’ve ever seen! 

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