Being a Brit tourist, I totally over estimated how¬†long it’d take me to film a few time-lapses for the vlog and get to my deep dish pizza date with Craig (wheezywaiter).

So being a Brit I naturally wandered into a bar! Turned out they open for the first time this weekend, but tonight they were running a training cocktail hour with all the staff. They let me stay (because I’m a charming Brit)! :)


The bar staff were throwing together loads of cocktails and a few they even had on tap that had been mixed earlier. Everyone was learning under the attentive eye of Jan the beverage manager. I sat at the bar watching and learning too… Neat garnishes, handy tricks for managing a busy bar and general bar etiquette.

It’s great to see a bar that puts that much energy into training and teaching their team. Everyone was up for learning more, even those who had tended to bars elsewhere in the city for years. And the best thing…they will also be serving some delicious farm to table concept food when they open. I have a funny feeling Kings County Tap will be a hit with locals and Brits alike when it opens!

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  • Tiffany

    On the topic of alcohol…

    You’ve got to go to Scofflaw if you’re a gin person by any means. They make really creative gin cocktails and have a list of ~40 international gins to choose from. They also have really tasty plates and serve warm chocolate chip cookies to everyone at midnight.

    Also The Aviary is an upscale cocktail bar that has incredibly mind-blowing takes on mixing and serving drinks, but it would be really tough to get a reservation in such a short amount of time.

    Also, as the person who recommended the sausage deep dish and cookie pizza, I feel like I have to add a disclaimer. As a native New Yorker who is now located in Chicago, I still haven’t completely bought into deep dish pizza, BUT I figured if you were already doing the massively caloric deep dish, you might as well go all the way with it.

  • Ashley So

    That sounds like so much fun! I really love how the #LostandHungryTour keeps evolving and branching out from just trying regional cuisines (which is how I first expected it to be). Can’t wait until you guys come to NYC (are you finishing the USA tour here for the Today Show?)!