An Update On The Home of Cooking

What’s occurring in the world of SORTEDfood and the magical cooking app?

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Two years ago we decided to launch and the SORTEDfood iOS app as the home of cooking – somewhere for everyone and anyone to upload their favourite recipes, start their own food conversations and follow others on their cooking journey. Why? Because we could see how many people were producing incredible food content and recipes but didn’t have a central place to put them. They were getting lost on much bigger and broader social platforms. Since launch there’s been some fantastic stats:

– 170,000 registered users

– 60,000 comments posted

– 40,000 photos uploaded

– 9,000 recipes uploaded

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And the really great news? Hundreds of people a day are still signing up to be a part of SORTEDfood!

Now, call me cynical but I’m guessing some of you may be slightly ’surprised’ with these numbers… Not as big as you thought, not growing as fast as you thought… And you’re right, compared to the mass social platforms, we are small!

And, of course, we’re working hard to grow our community, find more people who are interested in cooking, those looking to learn, and those who have got great talents to share around food. But you know what? We’re OK with where it is right now… We’ve never had any investment or money behind us to build something massive, just the resources we have here at our studio in London… So we’re not surprised at all!

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What we have been surprised about is the strength of this community, and the power it has across the food world.

A few weeks ago we wrote a blog post about 8 of the most influential people on SORTEDfood – these are people who are uploading beautiful images and delicious recipes and it’s paid off – they now have tens of thousands of followers on SORTEDfood.

In fact, over the last couple of months we’ve started to notice that some community recipes are getting more ‘likes’ than some of ours. Now, not to blow our own trumpet but it’s our platform… is that normal?!

The answer is – yes, of course it’s normal! And it makes us so proud… So proud that the community that has built up around us is as passionate about food as we are, more talented when it comes to cooking, and now has somewhere to share all that expertise with other like-minded people.

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And if you want a great example of someone doing SORTEDfood really proud, then look no further than The Foodie Teen – Alessandra is a 17 year old genius in the kitchen, who’s just had her first book published based off her recipes on and her blog.

So if you’re reading this and you’ve not signed up to SORTEDfood – then do it!

If you’re reading this and you’ve signed up but not chatted to anyone yet – then do it!

And if you’re reading this, have signed up but not uploaded your first recipe yet… Then what are you waiting for? DO IT!

Come and join us, there’s tonnes of food and everyone’s really nice! (And if they’re not nice, we’ll get rid of them… After all it’s our platform!) And by the way, all the photos in this blog are all community-based recipes. Nice.

You heard the man! If you want to keep up with Jamie’s updates don’t forget to keep checking SORTEDfood and follow him on Twitter @jamiespafford.

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