All The Feels You Get When There Is No Food

You go to the fridge. It’s empty. You go to the cupboard. It’s empty. You go to the drawer. It’s empty.

Hungrumpy Image

There are precisely 9 feels you get when you realise there is no food and these are those:

1. Anger.

Initially you want to hurt the world. You want to throw things and break things and stamp your feet and cry out in anger at the pure injustice of this day.

Anger Gif

2. Denial.

There is food somewhere… I know there is… I will hunt it down. I WILL FIND IT.

Denial Gif

3. Creativity.

Hmm, you think. I can rustle up something decent with half a rotten cucumber and a tin of spam. I am the best cook in the world! 

Creativity Gif

Alas, you cannot.

4. Sadness.

Food is always there for you. Always. Apart from when it’s not. A tear rolls down your cheek.

sadness gif

5. Madness.

You have a vision of a giant burger with legs walking towards you. You blink. It’s gone.

double take gif

6. Hysteria.

Now you’re freaked out. And alone. And hungry still. Panic settles. It’s hard to breathe. The situation is spiralling out control.


7. Hope.

Rational thought begins to come back. Ahh… someone will be home soon with a meal. Ahh… the takeaway menu. Ahh… I have a car that could take me to the supermarket.

hope gif

8. Blame.

It’s your own silly fault for being unorganised. You’re annoyed with yourself.

Self anger gif

9. Hunger.

At the end of it all, you’re still hungry. Great. You feel an immense anger come on *go back to step one*.

hungry gif

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