A Guideline To Freezing Foods

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Freezing food is an epic way to become a more efficient YOU. Cut costs, feed more people and save precious time! There are a few things to remember before embarking on this journey of self-discovery. Take these 11 excellent tips on board to get to know your freezer…

1. Make Use Of Labels

It’s not ideal to open your beautifully stocked freezer at a later date and sit puzzling for hours over which is which! The first thing to think about before you stock up is to label your goods with a solid permanent pen. Either that or enjoy playing freezer roulette. 

2. Make Sure The Food Has Cooled Before Freezing

This tip is applicable to both fridges and freezers. If you don’t allow the food to cool down beforehand, it will bring up the temperature of the appliance, causing negative implications for the food already inside. Not to mention it being incredibly inefficient from an energy point of view.

3. Wrap It All Up Properly

When freezing in bowls, bags or plastic containers, ensure they’re fully sealed to avoid freezer burn. Freezer burn causes dry spots on food where the air reaches it. It’s caused by a process called ‘sublimation’ so if you fancy getting your geek on- look it up! Make use of clips and cling film to secure the food fully.

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4. Manage Portion Sizes

You’ve successfully frozen a lasagna for eight. Well done you. But wait a second! There’s only two of you living together? That really is lasagna for days. If you portion up your food before you freeze it, you’re allowing for flexibility and variety later on down the line.

5. Don’t Use Your Best Dishes

If the food is going to be sitting in your freezer for countless months it’s best to think about your storage solutions. Don’t use your finest bowls. You’ll miss ’em when they’re gone. Freezer bags and tupperware are just as good so invest in some extra products.

6. Freeze Food At Its Best

It seems an obvious thing to say but when you freeze food, you’re freezing it at that moment in time. To keep things fresh, freeze them on the day you buy/ make them. This way you’re guaranteed optimum results when it comes round to the big defrost.

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7. Read Up On The Optimum Timings

Different foods keep for longer in the freezer so don’t assume that anything is everlasting. The time a food keeps really depends what it is. Check your government website or a trusted source to get the exact timeline.

8. Never Refreeze

Once you’ve defrosted a meal or ingredient never refreeze it again. Harmful bacteria develops on thawed food quicker than fresh! There are countless arguments about this but we always say that when it comes to freezing, you should walk on the safe side and remember that if ever in doubt, throw it away!

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9. Freeze Every Day Ingredients

There’s so much you can freeze: Soups, stews and pasta dishes galore! Don’t however forget that the lovely little staples in life are freezer friendly too. Milk… cheese… bread… bacon… the list goes on. It’s a great idea if you’re coming back from holiday late at night because you can guarantee a good breakfast for when you wake up.

10. Watch Out For Certain Foods

The freezing process can do some kooky things to certain foods, especially foods with a high water content. Think celery, cucumber, onions, radishes, watermelons, oranges… They won’t defrost in the same way and will be quite an unpleasant experience if you try to nibble on them raw.

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11. Always Keep Ice Cream In Case Of Emergency

This is probably the most important tip of them all. If you’re ever in a sticky situation, say you don’t get that job you really want or you have the world’s messiest breakup, ice cream will always be there for you. Imagine the horror of diving into the freezer and THERE ISN’T ANY? I know. It’s not worth imagining.

What are your favourite meals to freeze? We’re on the lookout for quick, easy, epic recipes that can go straight in the freezer. If you have any up your sleeve, upload them to your profile on SORTEDfood so we can gain some inspiration for the recipes we’ll be developing over the next few months.

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