A Beginners Guide To Cake Decorating!

Get ready for a cake decorating masterclass from Jane’s Patisserie! 


Cheesecakes, Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes, Desserts, Sweets and even more… I cannot get enough of sweet treats that I can make into recipes and post on my blog, but I genuinely find it a little daunting when I am trying something new! Where do I start? How do I do it?! Who knew Cakes could be so daunting. Well, they aren’t if you know how to start!

1. Get Creative

I really cannot say this enough – you can take inspiration from anywhere, or literally just go with the flow, but being creative is an important part to decorating a cake for me. I could trawl the internet for a few hours and have hundreds of ideas that I would want to try out, or I could just think of something and want to do it.


2. Don’t Be Afraid

Go with the flow, don’t get stressed out about cake. Honestly, it’s really not worth it. Having just made my friends wedding cake the other day, I can say with such truth that having stressed about it for so long was so not worth it! Going with the flow of the cake decorating and even if something goes wrong, it really can be fixed!

3. Practice Makes Perfect

The first time I ever did a drip cake, I was chuffed to bits. I have always liked piping on cakes so dripping chocolate ganache down the side of a cake was so satisfying. However, decorating with sugar paste and fondant?! Absolute nightmare. So many attempts later, it’s looking relatively half decent! Practice really does make perfect when it come to decorating – I can’t count how many thousands of cupcakes and cakes I have decorated now, and they are still getting better each time.


4. Find Your Favourite

Like I said, fondant is my idea of a nightmare. I adore drip cakes, buttercream cakes and cupcakes – so I like to stick with it. I still adventure out to trying new things such as covering cakes with fondant, but I know I can do certain things now, and I love it. It gives me such confidence to be able to definitely do certain things with cake, whilst I can learn and progress with the other side of things!


5. Social Media & Inspiration

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest are my absolute favourite things when it comes to cake. It might sound a little weird, but seeing such gorgeous photos of everything is the perfect and most easily accessible inspiration for me. I therefore try my absolute best to make things look good for them too. Every time I post a new recipe I make sure I have photos that will suit Instagram because of only being able to use a certain size image (even after the updates!), or for Twitter even!

A huge thank you to Jane for her amazing advice! Be sure to check out her blog for more great tips and recipes and Instagram for the most amazing baking pictures you’ve ever seen! Stay tuned to SORTEDfood for more articles by Jane! 

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