9 Great Tips To Spruce Up Your Garden Party

It’s Summer, we’re British, so we’re having a garden party… 


It’s party time! Did you see yesterday’s Fridgecam, firstly why not?! Secondly, watch it here… It will soon become very clear that if there were ever experts in throwing garden parties, it’s us! After the whirlwind of emotions that was Ben’s birthday, here are our top tips for throwing a party to remember…

1. Who doesn’t love a theme?

Everyone loves a theme. There’s something about a theme that just lets everyone know where they stand. People will know what to wear and what to expect, Which in turn, will help everyone relax and enjoy themselves. Your theme doesn’t have to take over, just give people a vibe of what to expect, even if that is as simple as ‘Summer Garden Party.’

2. Pretty things

Once you have a theme you can start thinking about decorations. These will obviously go hand in hand. If you are going for a classic vibe you really can’t go wrong with bunting. If you don’t want to spend the money, it’s super easy to make yourself. Just cut up old clothes/bedsheets/table cloth into triangles and sew it to a long piece of cotton tape. Easy!


3. Run for cover!

This one might be a bit more England specific, but remember, you cannot rely on the weather. However sure the weatherman was that you would have sun, you are never going to regret planning for rain. If it does turn out to be sunny then you’ve got shade. Win win.

4. An ice bath…?

One really easy way to make your drinks look impressive is to fill a huge container with ice. That way even if you are just serving beers, you’ve turned it into a centre piece! I once went to a party where the host had filled an old metal bath tub with ice and it looked SO COOL.

5. Food, glorious food!

If you are stuck for menu ideas for you garden party you could always give some of these a go… The most important thing to remember is balance. As tempting as it is to just gorge on cake and ice-cream, you’ll find your guests enjoy their pud a lot more if you’ve given them something savoury to balance it out.



6. Lists are fun… promise

Often people get put off from hosting parties because it sometimes means you can’t enjoy the experience. If doesn’t have to be this way. If you are clever about how you organise your time, all the hard work should be done before your guests arrive!

7. Twinkle, Twinkle

On a really sunny day, it’s easy to forget that come the evening you might need some extra light to help your guests find their way to the drinks. This doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. Nothing makes a party look profesh with as little effort as fairy lights. Just put fairy lights everywhere.

8. Uninvited guests

If you are hosting a garden party in the summer and you’ve got food in the open air, you’re going to get bugs. It’s an inevitability. So why not kill two bugs with one stone and get some really pretty bug repellant? Invest in some candle/torch repellant situations, then you’ve got pretty lighting and no mozzies.


9. Snuggle up

If you’ve ever been to a British garden party you will know this situation all too well. You rock up to a party dressed for really sunny weather. Then as soon as the sun goes down you’re shivering like mad. You don’t want your guests to leave just because they got chilly. So in addition to the beer blankets, how about having some blankets and throws around the place. That way your guests are cosy and you’ll never be able to get rid of them!

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