8 Top Tips To Create Your Favourite Restaurant Dishes At Home

When you come across a spectacular dish at a restaurant you want to walk into the kitchen and kiss the chef right on the mouth before running back to your table to faceplant your plate.

Chicken Tikka Masala

If you’re a massive foodie and love cooking, it can actually be very good practice to try to recreate restaurant meals at home. You’ll learn a huge amount and it will seriously improve your skills and tasting abilities. Where to start? Without a straight recipe it may seem impossible. Check out these tips, hopefully they will fill you with confidence.


First trick is to never be afraid to ask! Get in touch with the restaurant/ chef or ask your waiter more about what it is you’re eating. Ask point blank how they think you should go about creating the dish at home. You’ll find that many people are open to sharing their knowledge and will have a great conversation with you.

Nando’s does peri-peri chicken bang on. We gave it a go for ourselves.

Piri piri


Mentally pick apart your plate. What ingredients are there in front of you? What smells and flavours come from the sauces? What makes this particular meal so appealing to you? Take a picture so you can remember the dish later on. If you constantly ask yourself questions you may be able to figure out the puzzle.


Write down the title and description of the food. Label all of the ingredients, if you can! You may think you’ll remember but it would be a shame to let something slip through the net. Herbs can be tricky ones to remember.

Chicken Katsu Curry was made famous in the UK by restaurant chain Wagamamas. This sauce is an exact replica.

Tuna Katsu Curry


Search for similar recipes. If the restaurant is a chain, or the dish is a popular meal, you’ll probably be able to uncover some great recipes. You can then work on adding the twist to make it really stand out.


Many restaurants will actually have their own recipe book. Especially those that serve unique, interesting meals or cuisine for another country. Check it out because you may be able to treat yourself to a new book.


Don’t hold back too long. Get into the kitchen! The only way you’re going to make progress is if you get started and put in some elbow grease. Try multiple variations and taste at every stage along the way- that shouldn’t be to hard now, should it?

Pizza is very easy to recreate. Just replicate the toppings and the thickness of the base. At home you can add extra so it’s even better.

Deep pan pizza


There will always be hungry mouths around to give you their opinion- something we learned quickly at SORTEDfood HQ! When you’ve been staring at something for ages it’s an idea to get an outside view. See what your mates or family think. You’ll know if you’re on the right track.


If it doesn’t work the first time? You’ve got it. Try, try, again! Even if it doesn’t turn out the way you imagined… as long as it’s delicious, you’ve nailed it!

What’s your favourite restaurant food and have you created it back at home? Let us know! Was it successful? Have you got any better tips? Don’t forget you can upload your own recipes onto your SORTEDfood profile.