8 Reasons Why Being An Adventurous Eater Rules The World…

If you’re a fussy eater this post is not for you!


If you’re the kind of person who’ll give any food a go then good on you! We’re right by your side. We’ve been known in the past to be really experimental in the tasting of foods and think there are great benefits to being an adventurous eater (apart from, of course, finding out you’re actually eating testicles). Here’s why…

1. You always get more to eat!

If you’re dining with fussy people it’s a winning situation to be in. There’s usually plenty of food leftover and you’ll take it all.

2. You can gross people out by putting disgusting looking foods in your mouth!

If you always promise to at least try every new food once, then you’ll have plenty of fun. The classic horrified look on peoples faces as they watch you bite into a cricket or an eel…

Eel Image

3. It doesn’t matter if you’re abroad and reading a menu in a different language!

You know you’ll try it anyway, even if you don’t know what it is. Travelling is a goldmine for adventurous eaters as there’s so much opportunity to step outside your comfort zone.

4. You’re the go-to foodie!

Everyone knows where to go for meal and restaurant recommendations. To you! Your passion for new foods has left you an expert in the field of food.


5. You’re a much better cook!

Experimenting with new ingredients and flavours can only have a positive effect on any meal you make up. You know what flavours work and how to cause a taste explosion because there’s no holding you back.

6. Every meal is exciting!

With the world of food at your door you’re never happy with the same thing twice so every meal you eat has to be a masterpiece. You dine like a King every day.

Lobster rolls-1


7. Markets are like Aladdin’s Cave.

Don’t even get me started on the World Food Aisle at the supermarket. You could spend hours wandering up & down, reading packets and choosing exciting things to try out. If you see a new street food market or you stumble across one abroad, you’ll be hopping up and down.

8. You have the best stories to tell!

You can pretty much join in any detailed foodie conversation because you know everything. Someone should give you your own cooking show.


9. It’s the ultimate way to discover new food!

If you’re not adventurous, you won’t ever find new flavours to fall in love with.

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