7 Wonderful Traditional Christmas Sweet Treats

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Christmas eve is ONE week away. I’ll let you just sit back and take that in.

Now you’ve gotten over that, where were we? Oh yes. We were going to talk about sweet Christmassy things. Big news!

What do you traditionally have around the table when the mains have been cleared? Are you a Christmas pudding family? Or maybe you go totally CRAZY and have something that doesn’t relate to Christmas at all. (Who are you?!)

Nonetheless, here are our favourite traditional treats around the festive period:

1. Gingerbread

gingerbread men

In Medieval England, it was thought that gingerbread had medicinal purposes. Because of it’s spiced and warming taste it is now very popular at Christmastime.

You haven’t lived unless you have been involved in the making of a gingerbread house. To feel involved, make some gingerbread men instead.

2. Yule Log

yule log

An actual yule log is a large piece of wood selected to burn on the fire for the duration of the Christmas period. Obviously we’re much more interested in the food version.

The edible yule log has French origins and is a type of roulade filled with chocolate and jam, rolled up to resemble a log. It can be decorated to the max with sprigs of holly, cranberries and icing sugar (to look like snow.) We made one with Baileys. I know. YUM.

3. Stollen


This German bread is packed full of dried fruits and sprinkled with icing sugar. There are so many variations that can contain fruit zest, spices or even marzipan. The bread can be plaited or baked in a loaf… whatever you fancy!

Check out this really great recipe from Wizmikal which includes the whole shebang. We dare you to resist.

4. Panettone


Panettone is the Italian version of Stollen. It is much sweeter and fluffier. The proving process takes days and it is then baked in its famous cupola shape. It can come in chocolate variations.

While there are traditional recipes out there for a panettone, there are also a million things you can do with the bread after it’s baked. Just like this chocolate panettone pudding.

5. Mince Pies

mince pies

Oh hello mince pies from the 13th century. It is said they were invented when Crusaders brought Middle Eastern flavours and spices back with them to Britain.

Whatever the history, we still go NUTS for them. A glass of hot wine or mulled cider and a mince pie after a carol service. Good to go.

6. Meringue Wreath

meringue wreath

Christmas wreaths are a beautiful decoration made with flowers, leaves, pinecones and fir. Recently, we’ve seen so many incredible creations of a pavlova shaped wreaths.

Our newest recipe encompasses some amazing Christmas flavours and is laced with port. You can’t get more of a spectacular looking desert.

7. Christmas Pudding

food 52
(Photo by James Ransom)

Christmas pudding is an old medieval tradition that goes back yonks. At the table on Christmas Day, we pour brandy over it and set it alight. There is usually a penny piece hidden in the batter. If you’re the one that finds it, it is meant to bring you luck all year.

It’s a little too late now to make a Christmas pudding, but we found a genius recipe for a steam Christmas Pudding on Food52 that you can still make in time for Christmas. They’ve even got a recipe for brandy butter. Ace!

Don’t forget to catch Big Night In tomorrow eve over on YouTube. The guys are making their own Christmas Wreath to enjoy around the table.