7 Top Tips For The Perfect Homemade Pasta

pasta heading

A while back, we invited Michela and Romina from The Chiappa Sisters down to the studio to give us a 101 on making pasta. You can catch the original video down below but we thought they were such incredible tips that we’d repost on SORTEDfood too so it’s there whenever you quickly need to get your mitts on it…

So how do you make the perfect homemade pasta?

1. Good Quality ingredients

You should ideally use ‘00’ flour to make fresh pasta. It makes the world of difference. Don’t make life difficult; simply invest in good-quality flour. And make sure you have decent free-range eggs, they have better, brighter yolks and make the pasta a richer yellow in colour.

2. Get A ‘Pasta Cup’

The secret formula… Find yourself a cup that can measure out 100g flour, and nickname it your ‘pasta cup’… so you won’t have to weigh stuff out each time. Then all it needs is one egg and a pinch of salt for every 100g cup of flour… that’s enough to make one portion. Scale it up accordingly.

salmon pasta

Get the recipe for Salmon and Courgette Linguine here.

3. Aim For Play-Dough Consistency

Knead the pasta until you have a dough with the consistency of play dough. If it’s sticky add a little more flour, too dry and a tiny amount of olive oil helps.

4. Wrap & Rest

Always keep fresh pasta dough covered with cling film whilst it rests in the fridge. Otherwise it will start to go dry and form a crust if exposed to air. This will make it more difficult to roll.

The same applies to when you’re rolling it… keep the bits you aren’t using covered.

meatballs and spaghetti

Grab the iconic Meatballs and Spaghetti Recipe here.

5. Fancy Shapes Made Simple

You can cut so many shapes from pasta, but one of the simplest ways, that gives you fancy looking results is farfelle. Simply squish the middles of small rectangles together to create a bow-tie like shape. Leave the shapes to air-dry for a few minutes before cooking.

6. Secret Semolina

Once you’ve made your pasta shapes, leave them to rest on a tray that has been lightly dusted with a little polenta or semolina. Don’t use flour to dust the tray as too much flour will make your pasta heavy when it hits the water and forms a tacky paste around your beautiful pasta.


Surprise your guests with Rainbow Pasta!

7. Aqua To Pasta

Make sure you have at least two-thirds more water than pasta in the pan and always heavily salt your water. This will give the pasta plenty of room to cook and means the temperature of water won’t drop too low when the pasta is dropped in.

So there you have it. Awesome pasta. It’s going to be beautiful. If you have any other tips, please comment below… we’d love to see them! Catch the original video below: