7 Top Tips For Making Epic Homemade Burgers

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How do you make the best homemade burgers in the world you ask? It’s easy! Check out these hacks and grab a recipe. You’re not alone, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Quality AND Quantity

Purchasing great quality minced meat will make the world of difference to your burger so choose carefully from a source you trust. To achieve a beautiful juicy burger you need a decent fat content so avoid buying low fat options. If you’re making burgers you may as well go the whole hog. If you’re going for a non beef burger, choose a meat that’s equally as juicy.

We suggest you buy lots of meat so you can make lots of burgers and eat them all. None of this ‘one burger per person’ malarky.

Mini burgers are just best idea because you can eat hundreds in one sitting.

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Go A Bit Wacky n’ Wild

The meat is just the base of the burger! Who said you had to keep it plain? Try out different spices and flavours to recreate your favourite meals into a burger. Match the bun and accompaniments to the same flavour for a mouth explosion.

Take inspiration from this Chinese 5 Spice Burger.

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Chill The Meat

Let your patty mince chill in the fridge before you shape it into burgers. Not only does this allow the added flavours to combine and infuse into a delicious flavour but it’s much easier to work with cool meat for the shaping.

The core of Jamie’s Spanish Burger has many components to keep together.

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Create Even Patties

If you’re making burgers for your mates, weigh your mixture and split it accordingly so you have perfectly even sizes. This avoids punch ups when someone finds out that you got a bigger burger than them…

Do James proud and achieve perfection with his NYC Bagel Burger

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Shape It Up, Shape It Up

When shaping, get mucky with your hands and make sure the burgers are really compressed. Try not to spend too much time on it incase you overwork the meat- nobody likes a chewy burger!

Flip It But Don’t Squish It

Flip your burgers as much as you like to add colour to both sides. Though it’s tempting, try not to sqiush your burgers with your spatula. This lets out precious juices and you want to keep them in the burger to avoid the dry horrors. If there is some leakage, try frying your burger buns in the juices- delicious!

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The All American Burger takes the biscuit.

Trust Your Instincts

Nobody, and I mean nobody, can tell you what to have with your burger. If you want two eggs and a dollop of mayo you go for it. If you want to try and cram the world in between the buns, we salute you. Only you and you alone can decide what is epic, and what is not.

Why not stick an entire different meal in there too like this Hot Dog Burger.

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